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Poll Results: Who best pulls off the purple tie?

Poll expired: Sep 2, 2013 This is a multiple choice poll
  • 29% of voters (26)
  • 4% of voters (4)
  • 1% of voters (1)
    Off My Rack
  • 1% of voters (1)
  • 10% of voters (9)
    An Acute Style
  • 13% of voters (12)
  • 19% of voters (17)
  • 21% of voters (19)
  • 3% of voters (3)
  • 4% of voters (4)
  • 4% of voters (4)
  • 16% of voters (15)
  • 10% of voters (9)
  • 5% of voters (5)
    Mother of God, my eyes.
  • 16% of voters (15)
  • 21% of voters (19)
    Thin White Duke
  • 14% of voters (13)
  • 8% of voters (8)
    Mr. Claymore
  • 15% of voters (14)
  • 14% of voters (13)
89 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by Kai View Post

Suit: Beckett & Robb

Shirt: Lands End

Tie: Dolcepunta 7 fold

Pocket square: Zegna

Braces: Trafalgar

Shoes: Johnston & Murphy shell cordovan

Watch: Lange

Cufflinks: generic gold knots

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

First time I've ever worn this suit. Looking at the picture, I think that the pants need to be taken in a bit in the crotch (a little too much fabric there) but otherwise, I'm pleased with how it turned out..

The suit looks good, but the area under the armpits (around the chest) needs to be cleaned up.  I think it may be because of your sloping shoulders.  

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Thread Starter 

Poll is up. Crowded field.

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"Mother of God, my eyes!" HAHAHAHAHA! That one gets a vote!
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Originally Posted by Betelgeuse View Post

"Mother of God, my eyes!" HAHAHAHAHA! That one gets a vote!


I know, it's so tempting to vote for, isn't it!




I liked quite a few this week, with Clags, AAS, Betel, Tira, Claymore & Kai being my faves.

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Hmm. I wasn't actually entering, but hey-ho... feel free to vote for me!

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The way the voting is developing, this thread will get my...


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I don't know what to make of the fact that my normal and MOGME looks are polling the same at the moment.
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Claghorn, Holdfast, Thin White Duke and Mr. Claymore for me. Some other nice fits too.
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Kai, Fred, Thin White Duke, archibald were among my faves, had to give it to Kai.
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Originally Posted by Cantabrigian View Post

Or maybe Stitches.
I think (well hope but kinda think) Suga is partially / maybe even mostly joking around.
But Stitchy is still high fiving himself for finding that Lauren by Ralph Lauren shirt for only $7.99.

Lol, its is PRL, and has awesome, thick, MoP buttons. Its far from tasty, but its not a bad shirt when you see it in full, even though the pattern from up close looks hideous. At least imo. No idea what I paid tho, maybe 20 bucks?

Anyhow, I have not voted yet, but I am thinking to cast just the single vote for SB, because he made this thread way awesome.
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Tira & Canta.
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Some nice entries. To clarify: my voat for SB was for the first, not the second ( not the green pants). Too bad I ended up taking much of the week off; I have literally dozens of purple ties I could have employed for the challenge. Not that I would have been a player given the spectacular fits posted, but it would have been fun to participate.
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You guys have really brought your A game to these last few challenges, very educational for a noob like me. I have a lot of purple ties that I never wear, but that may change after seeing some of your tasteful ideas.
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Clags powering into an - I think - unassailable lead now. Well, I did vote for the guy, so I suppose I can't whinge about his lead over me. laugh.gif

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