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Which Reverso?

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I'm looking to get a new watch and I'm split between these 2 Reverso's. Which one do you prefer and why?

1. Grand Reverso Ultra Thin Duo Bleu:

2. Grand Reverso Duo:

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No. 2
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I love the Reverso, great watch. I had a Grande Power Reserve which I regret selling every day. I love the duo face (#2) because of its versatility. Could be the only watch you will ever need. Just be forewarned, if you are a bit neurotic (like me) the case is like butter and will scratch and ding easily. Best of luck.
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Like the hands and dials on the Grand Reverso Duo more, but I do like the slimmer case of the Ultra Thin. This is a can't lose choice.
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If you haven't seen them in person, you'll want to check them out side by side. I believe the size is quite different on the wrist between those two. (The pics make them looks similar)
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