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I have Brooks Brothers non-iron (ESF) and Land's End non-iron (tailored fit, not the newer slim fit) and they perform the same in terms of not needing ironing for me - they look OK after a cold wash and moderate drying. It seems important to not over-dry and also to take the out of the dryer right away. In fact, I often take them out when they're a little damp and let them air-dry overnight.  Turns out well. My dryer is a condensation-type, which may help as well - it's hard to over-dry with it.


Same here... Cold wash. "Delicate" (warm, not hot) dry. Take 'em out when still slightly damp and immediately hang up.  Only time I've had collar puckering like that is when I've washed with warm/hot water or dried at too high a temp.