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Shoe question-wingtip

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Wondering if someone can help me find this type of shoe in another brand. Or explain what style it is so i can do a search myself.


This is the shoe:


Is there a term for the exposed brown leather trim on the TOP of the sole edge (welt??)? I know they are wingtips, but I don't know what it's called when the leather trim is left natural rather than all black. Is it considered a natural sole?


Should i search for "black wingtips natural sole" ?


I have read some very poor reviews of BR shoes on here. I can't say I doubt them, but then again, I cant say i have a clue about shoe quality either. I just hate paying for a brand name, when in reality the brand name sucks. I see that happen in areas I do have a clue about and know it exists in every arena.


I would be looking for something under $300 if possible and that I can order in the US.


I saw this, but not in black (although I like the color) and a bit pricey right now for me.

Not sure of the quality.




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I'd refer to that as a "natural welt edge." Unfortunately, that kind of welt finishing is very casual, and black shoes are traditionally dressier. Many of the companies making shoes with great workmanship for the money have a very traditional aesthetic.


These AEs fit your criteria, and you may want to browse other shoes from their "Rough Collection."

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Thanks for the suggestions.


I saw those but thought the pattern was too ornate, otherwise it was very close.


I guess there's something about a black shoe with an all black sole etc that strikes me as too plain. To me there's nothing that sets it off.


Since everything is black it just loses it's distinguishing characteristics.


That's probably the point of it being a formal look.


I guess I will keep looking or just choose something other than black. If I want black I will have to just deal with the all black look.




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You'll have a better chance of finding a brown shoe with a natural welt edge. To be honest, brown shoes are wearable with a lot more. Black shoes work with gray or navy trousers, in my book. There's a shade of brown to work with most wearable trousers colors.

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