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Deals A-Hoy!


In the ever-present search for a better deal, you should definitely check out the SW&D eBay thread. It’s awesome. It’s full of cash-saving auctions, and a sense of camaraderie and friendliness that’s beautiful. 


B. Nelson


B. Nelson is an excellent cobbler that’s willing to do exactly what you say and both refurbish your shoes and transform them into something otherworldy. From adding ultra-chunky soles to Aldens to give them some workwear swag, to adding seamless toe taps to Gaziano & Girlings, they can do it all. 


St. Crispin’s


St. Crispin’s is a beautiful European shoemaker. What more needs to be said?


B&S Finds


Alden for J. Crew Waxed Longwing Bluchers, 8 D



Viberg Multitone Oxford, 9 UK