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La wedding

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I will be attending an evening wedding in Los Angeles (actually Pasadena) over Labor Day weekend and am looking for suggestions of what to wear.  I would like to avoid the navy suit, white shirt, red tie, black captoe oxford look, which will allow people to identify me as a DC lawyer at 50 paces.  At the same time, I would like to wear the suit afterward for business purposes (I intend to buy a new suit, having outgrown my old one), so I don't want to look like an NBA first round draft pick on selection night either.  Not too "classic," not too "trendy" -- is it possible?
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I've found that a cutting edge shirt and tie combination can make otherwise bland looking suits much more hip. The British are especially good at this - lavenders, pinks, bright blues can make a dark grey suit look fresh and current. Of course, it all depends on your personal style, but I like patterned shirts (checked or windowpane) with striped ties. Clearly, the colors need to complement each other, and the patterns can't clash too badly. My favorite designer for this look is Paul Smith - check out his website - especially his London line. The beauty of this is that you can put on a white shirt and Brooks Brothers tie and head into the office.
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Since it's an evening wedding, I would say that black is most appropriate; but black might be unsuitable for business wear, and might make you look too much like one of the wedding party besides. Maybe you could go with a charcoal grey suit. It's dark enough for the evening, and yet appropriate for evening wear. But I think that the secret to bridging business and pleasure in this case is the cut of the suit. Maybe a slim two-button model with a high gorge is the best way to go. Its different enough from the boxy business 3-button, yet conservative enough that your clients won't mistake you for a lobbyist for the Teamsters Union. BTW, just curious: where is Pasadena is the wedding? At the Ritz Carlton? The Huntingdon Gardens?
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The wedding is at the Ritz Carlton, which combined with the time of the ceremony, leads me to believe that it will be on the formal side. I'm thinking about flying in Saturday morning (the wedding is on Sunday).  Is there enough stuff in Old Town Pasadena to keep me occupied for little more than a day, or do I have to go to downtown L.A.?
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Old Town is fairly generic. I would recommend that you go to West L.A./ Beverly Hills for the day. It's the same type of thing as Old Town, but a lot bigger and higher class. If you are feeling more artsy than consumery, go to Silver Lake or to the 3rd St. strip near the Beverly Center.
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Am I correct in assuming that the public transportation system in L.A. is close to non-existent and I will have to rent a car if I want to go from Pasadena to West L.A./Beverly Hills?
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You are correct; a car is necessary to get from Pasadena to BH/WLA. Personally, I rather like Pasadena, but Old Town is starting to look more like a generic strip mall than a unique shopping district. So, it depends what your expectations are of your one day in the area.
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I'm meeting up with some friends midday on Saturday.  Chances are they won't want to go to West L.A. because, well . . . they're mechanical engineers.  (Not that there's anything wrong with that, as Seinfeld would say.)  I expect that we'll be spending most of our time in Old Town Pasadena.  Where are some good places to go during the day and night there?
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I expect that we'll be spending most of our time in Old Town Pasadena.  Where are some good places to go during the day and night there?
It depends on what you like to do.   For  eats, there are a number of very good (and also fairly expensive) restaurants in Pasadena as well as humbler fare  Maison Akira on Green Street serves French/Japanese, and Bistro 45 on Mentor has a pretty decent wine list.  For more moderately priced meals, I like the Luna Negra, on Green, which serves a Californian take on Spanish Tapas.  There are also a number of clubs and bars in old Town.  Expect to wait in line if you arrive after 10:30.  Luck Baldwin's is a popular watering hole, and you can always go there for some rarer beers if you are not in the mood to stand outside McMurphy's or the Muse, two of the more popular spots.  There is a dress code at most bars, (usuall just no tennis shoes or t-shirts), but if you have some attractive women with you, you'll probably have fewer problems (it's the same the world over, I guess.) I don't know how popular Boba tea  is on the East Coast, but it seems that it is the new fancy coffee over here.  There are a few places (Boba World on Colorado) if you wish to indulge. If you are in the mood for more cultural pursuits, the Huntington Gardens (at the South end of Allen) are a popular place to visit (closes at 4:30, I believe).  The attached museum is small but impressive.  The Norton Simon museum at the end of Old Town is also quite nice.   Post again if you want more specific suggestions.
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Not too "classic," not too "trendy"
I don't know if you ever got an answer to this, or if it was ever part of the question. But, your comment on the NBA draft made me think of number of buttons and compelled me to comment on it. Having explained my reasoning, I'd go with a three-button suit. I think of one-button suits as "formal," two-button suits as "classic," and anything above three as tacky. I have a khaki colored three-button suit that I really like and draws a lot of compliments -- I button only the middle button. And, it comes off as a nice look.
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