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Shell Outside Alden

While Alden, everyone’s favorite clunky American shoemaker, is probably the best known for using shell cordovan in their shoes, there’s other brands out there that use the exotic (if horse’s ass can be considered exotic) leather in their creations. Read on, fair reader, and learn!


Leather Jacket All Stars


What’s the best leather jacket you’ve ever seen? Not the favorite you own, or something that looks neat on a blog somewhere, but literally the best of the best. Is it the OG MMM 5-zip in heavy cowhide? Or a Rick Owens Intarsia? Or perhaps something more classic, like a Schott rider? Whatever catches your eye, read on, and see if it measures up. 


Motorcycle Jeans


This thread is fascinating – it’s an example of how a particular niche, in this case serious motorcycle owners – are looking to adapt fashion to suit their lifestyle. Is it possible to have a stylish protective jean that looks good and saves your ass if you take a tumble?


B&S Finds


Epaulet Mashup Gingham, S



John Lobb Ludlow, 10 US