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Good luck man, because half of Seoul looks like this right now:

I'm leaving on Sunday to go to Tokyo for a week. redface.gif
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It might be the fact that I just saw real American beauty for a month non-stop, but since coming back to Seoul a week ago, the girls all look incredibly fucking hot right now. Saw like 3 girls I'd insta-wife.
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impolyt, I remember you saying something about not having pho in Seoul. I saw a pho restaurant like two blocks from Imperial Palace Hotel, just before you turn left to get to Ramada Seoul.
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Yeah there's tons of pho here - it all sucks, and tastes like warm water and noodles, no herbs. Koreans have invented their own pho, and it's some standard recipe all the places use. There's even some real Vietnamese immigrant places and the pho sucks, they just don't even have the ingredients here for it, nor does anyone want to taste anything.
The best thing to eat here is cheap K-BBQ, pork belly, that's really it, unless you're hardcore about offal.
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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

The best thing to eat here is cheap K-BBQ, pork belly, that's really it, unless you're hardcore about offal.

Street food is great. Had those steamed buns you can get anywhere in the Orient, some fried sesame ball things, and last night while really drunk had some fried stuff dipped in a red broth, you had a choice of like 6 different things to get dipped.

Also, when I saw the pho place I immediately thought of this thread and went "I wonder if impolyt knows about this place"
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Street food is good if you don't wild out on it too hard, a little pesky if you're like me and would like to see Korea grow up - I like food and a lot of that stuff stops being food after awhile. Korea is at a nice stage right now though, anybody can hop off a plane here from anywhere and get along nicely and find stuff to do for like 2-3 months before they even realize what is going on - it's fun, I know - it took me 2-5 honest years before I stopped enjoying Seoul so much, and I don't know when it happened exactly. I speak from a perspective of having been here for like 10 years. As a matter of fact, tonight I went out to go to my favorite K-BBQ place that I've been going to for 10 years, since the beginning, but haven't gone recently - place finally shut down, won't ever see that guy again.
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BTW this time I fully learned/appreciated your belief about Korean food uniformity. Really fucking boring sometimes. Also, dried pollack smells just awful and I am so sick of seaweed soup, which smells and tastes like wet dog btw.
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Originally Posted by edinatlanta View Post

BTW this time I fully learned/appreciated your belief about Korean food uniformity. Really fucking boring sometimes.

All just reverence to the Asian theme that 'a nail that sticks out must get hammered back in' - absolute fear of being different makes Korea boring, if you spend just a little time here.
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traveling end of October to seoul for a few days of r&r with my wife, what's the weather like and where is the best place to exchange USD $$$ ?
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exchange $$$ at the black market shops on the Chinese alley in Myongdong, or on both far ends of Itaewon, you'll get an extra cent or two per dollar and it's easy as pie, no words need to be said. The banks give the worst rates and tab it into your passport to make sure you don't change more than 10 large a year.

Weather will be pleasant during the day, really chilly at night, like 40-45ish or maybe less, with strong winds. You will probably feel cold, I do whenever October starts turning to November in Seoul.
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i haven't used black market places so i dont know if that's the cheapest, but i've found the best price i could get was to just withdraw from an ATM in korea using your bank account in the us. or use a credit card with no foreign transaction fees like capital one. generally get the best exchange rates that way
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Black market places definitely give you 10-20 won more per unit even during the tightest times, otherwise they just won't take your money when it gets ridiculous. Some of the little newsstands around Myongdong centered around Lotte also do cash exchanges for yen, sometimes dollars and yuan nowadays, never Euros. Euros can be exchanged at the real black market shops though, they run signs like this on the wall and not much else inside their tiny stores: (to give reference, if the global economy wasn't such shit (i.e. pre-2007), the numbers corresponding to the yen and dollar should be 1000 and the Euro about 13-1400)

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