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Source for classic-fit, pleated corduroys?

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I guess I could have my HK guy make something up but I'd prefer to find something cheaper if possible. Seems silly to blow $200 a pair on cords. Online sources OK, but judging the wale and fit could be difficult without seeing them in person.

I prefer a more classic fit as opposed to narrow, and though the thought of pleats on cords scare me a little, I'd like to give them a shot, as I generally look better in pleated trousers on account of my hulking size. Any thoughts from the cognoscenti?
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Lands End typically has them. I suspect they will return online this fall.
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I would highly suggest staying away from pleated cords. I don't agree that a big guy has to go with "big" clothing to look good, but I would stick with flat fronts on cords unless you are doing very small wale, lightweight fabric cords. Then you could do the forward pleats thing.
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I like my forward pleated cords, but I think part of why they work is that I'm very skinny. I might just agree with edmorel.

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I dunno, maybe I shouldn't be in cords at all, but just about every pair of flat-front pants I've ever owned look absolutely awful on me. It's not just that I'm a bigger fellow, though I am, but I think also just the way my hips work, dunno, flats just never look great. I have one pair of FF trousers in all the world that I think look good on me, and when I had them copied in other materials, they didn't work.

I have to have reverse pleats, forwards will just add even more bulk. I was hoping for a very classic, deep pleat in a somewhat lighter material, 11-wale or higher, nothing like 6 or 8, which is a bit too much IMO. In any event, though I am willing to try anything, it's got to have a big leg opening at the bottom. The skinny shit a lot of you guys can get away with makes me look like the ice skating hippo in Fantasia.
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Originally Posted by Kingstonian View Post

Peter Christian


These look nice, and the price is worth a shot. Thank you.
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