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Peak lapels on SC?

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Hi all,


I'm wondering if it is acceptable to have peak lapels on an SC.  For example, I'm wondering if this jacket can work as an SC or if it looks too much like an orphaned suit jacket since it is solid navy and has peak lapels?  Thanks in advance!



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I think peaked lapels are acceptable. Just don't choose the obvious suiting fabric and hope it will look like a blazer or sports coat.
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I have one jacket with peak lapels and flap pockets, but it is very obviously an odd jacket fabric. Avoid smooth worsteds and fabrics that look like they belong on suits. The jacket pictured in the OP would look like an orphaned suit coat regardless of whether it had notch or peak lapels. Outside of a DB jacket, I'd avoid peak lapels with patch pockets. Seems somewhat incongruous to me.
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Peaks are fine, but that looks like an orphan. Of course, it may look more textured in person.

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I'd say no to PL on sports jackets in general and big no to the sc in question.
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David Niven in A Matter of Life and Death wears a peak lapel tweed sportcoat that is quite nice.


This was the best photo I could find online



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You can't argue with the Niv...
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Thanks for the input everyone.  I like the look of peak lapels, but I very rarely wear suits.  I was hoping maybe I could pull it off with an odd jacket but after reading your comments and thinking about it a little bit it seems like it would be tough to pull off well.  

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