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Expanding the wardrobe and style any tips or suggestions?

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So let me start off by saying I've always been one of those guys who wore shorts combined with a lanyard and a basic tee representing my favorite sporting association. But lately I've been expanding and experimenting with my "style" most recent purchases included a button up (I believe that is what you would call it) shirt in plaid from Buckle with just your standard faded jeans (as well as a watch from Citizen got it on a very nice discount as well) 






But I'm wanting to delve deeper I guess is what you could say into more styles and not just the I guess preppy look. Something maybe clean and "slick" (hate using that word but I don't know how else to describe it) the only things though is that I'm 18 and only make about 400 dollars every two weeks at my current job so I don't have a whole lot of money to just blow on designer clothing etc. Not only that I'm what most consider to be a pretty large sized guy (I'm 6'4 260 I wear 38,40 the length is 40 and 2xl size shirts) your typical line backer build so to speak. Also I'm lighter skinned (I work overnights so me and the sun meet for a max of 6 hours a day).


Sorry for all the random info but I figured this was the best place to get great information on expanding ones style (also read in a thread a bunch of people asking what size was there clothes complexion etc.)



Thanks, Tyler

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Forgot to mention that out of the 400 dollars or so every other week I have about 100 dollars left to spend after bills etc. 

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Hey Tyler,

Welcome. The entire forum is your guide and already contains the tips and suggestions you're after. Get reading, and enjoy the discovery process. The search function will help a ton.

Hope you stick around.
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People don't stick around when no one tries to do as requested.

L.L. Bean has some large items and is generally "clean" and sometimes low-priced and not preppy. It's not a source for good jeans, but no size information was given about that anyway.
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No one chimed in so I'd encourage you to search.  On another note, getting that stuff is a bad idea.

I'd seriously look at Land's End Canvas brand.   Most of the guys here seem to favor preppy, classic, versatile clothes that fit well.

If that doesn't fit well, try somewhere else.   Maybe Brooks Brothers on a big sale day. 

Even in the streetwear section.

If you googled things like "mens basic wardrobe" "minimalist wardrobe" and started there you'd be headed in the right direction.

Start with a white oxford cloth button down.   Roll the sleeves up in the summer, put a grey wool sweater over in the winter.

Then, buy a blue one.  

A pair of dark blue jeans and wingtips.  

You'll thank me in 5 years.  We've all wasted tons of money on stuff like that.

If you by an oxford shirt, you can wear it 2 days a week for the next 5 years of your life and no one will ever know.

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Lands' End Canvas wasn't mentioned in #7 because it has almost no shirts that are likely to fit. It's not easy for big guys who want to dress in fashionable, casual, low-priced style.
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