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Has anyone seen a 7-nail Florsheim?

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I just bought these shell cordovan Imperials, as my first vintage Florsheim purchase.  I read about vintage Florsheim on the forum and knew to expect 5 nails and a v-cleat, and was surprised to find 7 nails instead.  A quick google search didn't come up with any matches, so I though the members on here would be interested to see them.  I just rejuvenated them tonight with Saphir products and am looking forward to wearing them, but it does seem a bit of a shame to mess up the soles after all these years...




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Interesting.  Looks legit.  PM member "Teacher"; he's the resident vintage Florsheim expert.

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Thanks for the comment and the suggestion. I can't see anything in the shoes to suggest that they are anything but legit - thought it was interesting though.

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Agree with Chogall. Perhaps this is the difference between the Imperial and the Royal get a few extra brass rods and perhaps a more cushioned insole..but I am guessing.

Did you also apply lotion to the inside? Particularily the inside of the uppers as they are going to bend and crease when you walk. It can't hurt and may help prevent cracking. Then again, wait for other input on this before applying, but that is what I would do if they were mine. Congratulations on your purchase. Those are gorgeous and in all their glory. Enjoy them in good Health.
Welcome to Styleforum jb526.
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Thank you for the welcome. I have been lurking for a while.

I hadn't considered applying the lotion to the inside of the shoes. It may help, so thanks for the suggestion.

The one other area I was curious about was the sole and if it it likely to have suffered from age. It is rather stiff and gets hairline cracks in the wood grain top coating when flexed.
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