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I have to say, nothing like Calphalon and Henckels, and just for good measure, the Pampered Chef baking ware is great too.
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I personally prefer All Clad and Wusthof but it's all personal taste
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Drizz, I like the All Clad a lot myself, however I do not like the fingerprints on the stainless, drives me nuts, Henckels, only because my parents spent the $550 for them and I did not, so honestly not sure of the difference, might have actually bought Chicago Cutlery if it had been my money....if I had a hanging rack over an island range, I def would go with the all-clad though I agree, if nothing else for aesthetics.
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All Clad makes non stick pans as well as stainless/copper...
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I am a keen (and self-taught) cook, when not living in the Mess. As Fabienne says, watching someone who knows what they are doing is useful - I've watched Chinese, Indian and Italian chefs and it's certainly helped me to produce better dishes. However, no matter how many people you watch, in person or on TV and in books, I would say the most important thing is to experiment. I never follow recipes slavishly, but rather see them as a suggestion on which to base a dish, or create a variation. I would recommend learning a few basic dishes first, and then building from there. In terms of equipment, good knives are essential, but a beginner doesn't need many. For pans, I have used Le Creuset for years - they are the very heavy French cast-iron pans, and are superb. It's available worldwide. Don't forget that good ingredients are also important, and for me the shopping is part of the overall pleasure.
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I also seldom follow a recipe to the letter. You appropriate it by adding and retrieving to your own liking. Another thing that absolutely helps is when you cook for someone you love, or when you know those tasting your creations will truly appreciate it. Food is not solely nourishment.
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