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Hello, I have seen varied lines from Valentino, and was wondering what the hierarchy of them were. There is Valentino Roma, Valentino Garavani, Oliver, and perhaps some others. Thank you.
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I too am unsure of the hierarchy of the lines, but I will also add Valentino Red. I belive that Garavani is shoes and leather goods though.
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wow, i had no idea valentino had so many lines. one more to add to the list: valentino studio. i'm almost certain that this is/was their diffusion line. i bought a sweater labeled valentino studio from overstock or smartbargains a few years ago on the cheap.
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Coincidentally I'm wearing a Valentino Couture sportcoat today. Another one for the list...although I've no idea where the label fits in the hierachy. Gaz -x-
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Valentino Intimates are another. Their undershirts are my current favourite. Peace, JG
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i just picked up a sweet pair of charcoal chalkstripe flat front valentinos from korshak. they just arrived.
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