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On Wednesday, August 22 2013, I’ll be posting the first in a very special two-part series featuring an interview of Mr. Jon Green, owner of Jon Green Bespoke.


Jon has been in business for over 25 years serving the most exclusive clientele from his Madison Avenue location in New York City.


Some highlights from the interview:


- Why custom tailoring at its finest is as much art as craft

- What a Jon Green client expects

- The importance of the tailor-client relationship

- Why a bespoke tailor is both teacher and craftsman

- Some of Jon’s most important lessons

- The Jon Green bespoke process step-by-step

- What constitutes the Jon Green house style (it’s not what you think!)

- The advantages of custom-tailored clothing

- Jon’s best coaching advice for someone “going bespoke” for the first time


Both he and I had a lot of fun doing this, and it's clear that Jon appreciates classic style.


Not only that, Jon is a great guy who has a real passion for teaching men how to dress–and be–their best.


Read the interview at:


Enjoy it!