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Last making

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Hello fellow SFers

I have been reading so much information about MTO shoes and bespoke shoes. Is there a place that one can go to get as last made of their foot, ideally in/around NYC?

I know one can go to EG, VASS, G&G, etc. and have a pair of bespoke shoes made. But suppose I want to keep my last and use it with various shoemakers because I like their particular models/styles.

Thanks for any insight.
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Springline is the only independent place I know of:

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You might want to contact "Crispinians", which is run by people who have extensive experience in bespoke work:


There are plans to make measurement trips to the USA. Whether any dates or places have been fixed yet, I would't know.
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Thank you both.
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Cross post from a similar thread regarding Cispinians made lasts
Originally Posted by marcodalondra View Post

Just collected my lasts from Crispinians of London:

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Have you asked to see if shoemakers will use a personal last for shoes? I have never done it, but I imagine some will not make a shoe for you with your own last.

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Off course I have asked. I have two options, either a fully handmade version by an artisan or using a shoe factory that will have just to amend the pattern to adapt to my last. I have spoken to some factories and all told me that they would threat this the same as when they do one off sample runs to try new model. My last would not be different by a one off trial version. The maker/ factories are in Naples Italy and they both use third party lastmakers. For me the advantage was that I got measured and got the last done close to where I live now. Will get the shoes made in Italy very cheaply and will then go back to the lastmaker that will evaluate the shoe fit and make any amendment necessary to the last to improve it...
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Originally Posted by marcodalondra View Post

Cross post from a similar thread regarding Cispinians made lasts

Did you get measured by Steven or did you send shoes and take measurements yourself?
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Got measured my Steven by appointment. Other than measuring he took note of all the main bones and other bit and pieces. He took the time to talk me through what shoemakers will then do with this last ;-)
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