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Old School Chippewa


Riding the vintage/repro tidal wave (which, quite honestly, crested long ago), Chippewa is introducing a new line of boots based on their archives. With chromexcel leather and chunky vibram soles, they might be an alternative to more expensive Japanese repro options. 


Yang Li


London-based designer Yang Li has been slowly attracting a following for his interesting take on menswear. With past experience with Raf, and a willingness to experiment (hello to you laser-cut sweaters), he’s definitely a designer to watch. 


Beckett and Robb


Beckett and Rob is a new MTM option, and some StyleForum members have taken the risky plunge into uncharted waters. Read their experiences below. 


B&S Finds


Alden #8 Shell Cordovan NST Bluchers, 10D



Dries van Noten Nailhead Wool Trousers, 48