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Man, you guys are making me want to buy the Kimono jacket. Debating between the raven wool/washi or the speckled wool/linen...

Also preordered the long wool/yak cardigan, but, like Abraxis, it got delayed because the yaks ain't cooperating.

I've looked through the pictures from several shops and in some, the natural grey looks a bit beige/brownish, whereas in others it looks more uniformly grey. Perhaps due to lighting? Anyhow I hope mine comes more grey than brown.
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Honestly -- the eggplant ridged is the way to go on the kimono -- if not that then the speckled linen/wool. I think the washi does better in the trucker's jacket as does the coated cotton. But then again that's the combos I went with ;p

The washi is a crisper fabric so I don't think it does as well with the softness of the kimono design, but then again washi breaks in so... may be what floats your boat.

Well, not to make any guarantees based on production variations, but my short sleeve came from hlorenzo and its a pretty nicely grey grey and pretty uniform overall. There is perhaps a bit of a brown tint to it, but it is not as brown as some pics would have you believe.
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Abraxis, that looks sharp as fuck. Love the hidden placket, sleeve rolls, boots, everything.
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Has anyone picked up the Yak Linen Turtleneck? I'm debating grabbing it from Opening Ceremony, though I'm usually a M, and all they have is a small. I think it should fit...

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Once you know what size your are in Jan-Jan you can pretty much just buy pieces in that size blind. So I wouldn't recommend getting a different size. Also not sure where you're located but if it's outside America OC don't do any returns/exchanges whatsoever.
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Good to know! I've actually never purchased a Jan Jan piece; I meant to say that in other designers, I'm a medium. Though I think the small should work, considering I'm only 5'10", which is quite a bit shorter than the 6'1" model, in the size medium on their website.

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What has everyone picked up from this season's buys?

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Has anyone ordered from the Atelier Solar Shop? What was shipping like, if so?

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Btw the yak knit was also made in a more regular sweatshirt silhouette but it looks like not as many stores picked it up
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Originally Posted by JackoDo View Post

Has anyone ordered from the Atelier Solar Shop? What was shipping like, if so?

Yes often. They usually throw in shipping after I get more than one non-sale piece. They don't underdeclare but I don't think I've been hit by duties for their shipments or maybe I have been hit once.

Unlike daad-dantone and shop number 4.
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Kinda off topic I know, but how does shop number 4 ship to the US?
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Same as daad-dantone ;p DHL, super fast, but DHL always hits me up for duties before it delivers ish.
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Thanks, thats good to know......

I've tried emailing them a few times, but unfortunately they don't respond.
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Has anyone been at the Hostem sale? If so is there any Jan-Jan? I was thinking about going but the queue was unbelievable.
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looks like Jan Jan finally got his yak, can't for the SP preorders.

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