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Jan-Jan Van Essche is a menswear designer from Antwerp, Belgium. He is a 2003 graduate from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, winning several grand prizes including the prestigious Dries Van Noten award.

Unlike most designers, he designs and produces one full collection a year, he proposes the wearer annual wardrobes to be worn throughout the year by layering up and down, adapting oneself to the seasons as they pass by.

Alternating with his annual wardrobes, Jan-Jan Van Essche presents PROJECTS. Autonomous concepts claiming their own identity alongside his annual wardrobes, emphasizing the philosophy of Jan-Jan Van Essche's personal view on menswear.

The Jan-Jan van Essche aesthetic can be perceived as one influenced by all of the world’s corners, blending together in a discrete symbiosis of western and ethnic traditions in fashion. The combination of his particular but natural loose forms, refined patterns and usage of natural colors are important keys in the Jan-Jan Van Essche story. A story encouraging universal freedom to the wearer of his garments.

In June 2010 he launched his first collection, COLLECTION#1 ‘YUKKURI', Japanese for 'taking it easy'. A concept capturing the philosophy behind his approach to create contemporary fashion.
Since then he has successfully produced two annual collections, COLLECTION#2 - SATTA AMASSAGANA (2011) and COLLECTION#3 - IN AWE (2012). On June 28th COLLECTION#4 - UHURU SASA was presented during the Paris men’s fashion week.

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I've been getting more interested in the looser / drapey-er aesthetic and JJVS is definitely on my radar. Bought a long cardigan from the last collection, can't wait until it gets cold enough to wear it.

A few stockists:
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Was the long cardigan the clunky linen/wool one? If so it's been on my radar for a while.


Lots of nice pics here, never tried ordering. Also zekka

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US stockist Table of Contents

Looks like Suspension Point is going to carry FW13 too.
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No it was this one. IIRC it's 100% wool (maybe a bit of cashmere?)

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Guy Burgess posted a very nice fitpic of that knit in charcoal some time ago - looks awesome

edit: oh, werd. still neat
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I think his was a different knit, less chunky and longer but yes, also very nice.

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Originally Posted by BreezyBirch View Post

Guy Burgess posted a very nice fitpic of that knit in charcoal some time ago - looks awesome

edit: oh, werd. still neat

Said fit pic.
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As part of this year's Belgium theme, Opening Ceremony is carrying Jan-Jan. Not sure which collection it is. Some of the same pieces can be found on Table of Contents right now, I think.
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Fall 14 Preview

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


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this and e tautz are the best of fw14 i've seen so far. this is wonderful.
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Don't recall seeing this on here before, so here it is

Jan Jan Van Essche - Proceed

Intrigued and inspired by the West-African Ewe and Ashanti Kente wefts in combination with a trip to Japan, Project #1: Proceed arised and was launched on January 18th 2013.After creating one single square blanket, carefully stitched by hand,patchworks of various high quality fabrics were manufactured and integrated in a series of wearable pieces.
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A lot of Project #2 is coming online: Table of Contents, H Lorenzo, etc.

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