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Giorgio Armani would never use that eagle logo which is only for the Emporio Armani line. Never on suits, and such. Much the same as Gucci's GG logo on a tag.
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I am not aware of AX, EA suit design.  But in Armani Colleczioni or Armani Black line, there some distinct design pattern mr. armani uses. in those upper Armani labels, jackets pockets are always flap-less.  I cannot remember last time Armani made his suits with flap. Thats the one this i can tell if the Armani suits selling on ebay is real or fake.. If this test passes .. then I need to look at inside jacket for stichings etc ..
Hate to say it but this is false.  I have a Classico suit with flaps and just to make sure I popped into the GA boutique in Sydney y'day to confirm (I work 3  minutes from it&#33 - they had many black label and Classico suits with flaps on the rack. In my experience, jut about the ONLY way to tell a fake/genuine Armani suit is from the label (quality aside) given unlike Gucci, Versace, Brioni, D&G it doesn't have any signature items like engraved buttons or embroidered or patterned linings, or angled belt loops etc which are peculiar to these brands (not all signature but at least one like for Brioni with the linings).
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Thanks for all the tips on how to spot a fake Armani. I suddenly remembered coming upon a fake Armani suit in person. This one was easily recognizable, because the lining was embroidered with "Giorgio Armant." I couldn't stop laughing.
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