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Have you ever been completely happy with a sportscoat or business suit? - Page 2

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Are they perfect? No. Am I completely happy? Yes. Why? Because I don't seek perfection.
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My dinner jacket. And one of my tweed jackets. They both fit like they were poured on me due to the efforts of my alterations tailor. I couldn't be happier with either.
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The suit, bespoke, with which I am happy with. The toilet suit:


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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That's a really nice cloth.
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Yeah it is. Claghorn, that's great. Nice combo there as well.

I have a Caruso suit that fits me shockingly well. By far my best fitting suit. About the only thing I am not happy with is the color--its a darker shade of blue than I would like, closer to midnight than navy. So, I guess that means my answer is no smile.gif

Problem is, Caruso makes so many different models of suits I don't know that I'd ever be able to find this particular one again.
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Nice suit.  Goes well with the tattersall check shirt.  Another classic photoshoot with El Baño Fotografía Estudio ®.  

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If I look good in it and there aren't any real issues, that qualifies as "good enough" for me. I don't think I'm 100% happy with anything I own, but absent spending 4 times what I spend now on MTM to upgrade to bespoke, I don't see me reaching the 100% satisfied hurdle, and even that would take a couple of bespoke commissions. Once I have a good fit and the particular details I like on a particular garment, I just can't make myself be self conscious about something that no normal person would ever notice or care about. Granted many normal people wouldn't care about more significant issues, but I think we hit diminishing marginal returns as we get into more hobbyist worries.
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I have been 100% happy with most of the garments I have ordered from Chan. A couple of times they missed details I had specified, such as omitting ticket pockets on two jackets and putting flaps on the lower pockets of one jacket i had ordered with patch pockets. However, I might not have made myself clear enough in the latter case when I made my order with Patrick. Otherwise, almost total satisfaction, but I have the sense I may not be as exigent as some of the fellows here.
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I have no complaints with my charcoal Phineas Cole, but then again, I am a noob. We'll see what faults I can find with it after a year or two.

That's an aspect that makes the question difficult - time. There are plenty of things I was fully satisfied with at the time, but they lost favor as either I learned more (and dound them lacking as a result) or my tastes evolved (usually to more sophisticated versions). A recent example are plackets on dress shirts sans tie - its something I didn't consider a year ago, but now I do. That has caused me to suddenly have a deficit of shirts for non-tie wear (which is a majority of my time) even though I considered my stable of shirts a near perfect arrangement less than a year ago.
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Belvest model G 540 circa 2004
Belvest Model G 335 circa 2010.
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Yes, an Isaia S Model.
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