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Hi! So I have been looking for a slim navy blazer for awhile now, and came across a Ben Sherman one, and ordered the medium. I tried looking up measurements beforehand, they were really hard to find. The shoulders fit well and the length of the overall jacket was good, but I would have had to have brought in the sides a bit because it was baggy in the sides; however, it was too tight in the front. If I buttoned one of the buttons, lapels jutted out. The front sides needed to be closer together. I thought about ordering a large, but don't know if that would be too big. The length of the jacket would be too long and the jacket would have to be brought in too much. I couldn't find measurements on it. Does anyone know the measurements on the following: Plectrum Blazer -Size Large: Sleeves, Chest, Shoulders, Overall Jacket Length (or how it compares to medium) Thanks!