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Hi all,


I picked up this jacket from the thrift, and was wondering if someone can tell me more info.


- I think its raw denim. It bleeds a bit when I rub it onto a piece of paper...although I have no idea if that means if its raw at all. Rough texture

- Should be from Japan 2012 line.

- New condition with the wash care tag still attached.


I don't wear denim, but this was so nice I couldn't pass it up. Hopefully it piques someone's interest!




photo DSCN2819_zps11b0b68a.jpg photo DSCN2820_zps1553c0de.jpg photo DSCN2821_zps2e5a3eb8.jpg photo DSCN2822_zps04d6fe6e.jpg photo DSCN2823_zps3a7604bd.jpg photo DSCN2824_zpsd45ed1f9.jpg photo DSCN2825_zpsf05911ec.jpg