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MTO speaks to my meat sack body
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Originally Posted by Donut View Post

I want all of it. Peir is one brand I would go Regis on if I had the dough.

+1 More people with the cash should buy it, then they should put it on sf market for half off; and minus VAT at checkout of course too. :D

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coat is great IRL, and a decent price considering it's MTO

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i like this jacket too, not sure but i think it's the same 'plum melange' fabric

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The melange fabric that Peir Wu uses is OUTSTANDING. Thick, wooly, and holds its shape very well.

And just realized those prices are in pounds not euros, thought they were a little good to be true. Hope someone orders one of those coats, lapels are a little dramatic for me but looks fantastic.
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late to the party but just checked out the webstore. melange blazer is money.

EDIT: webstore got back to me with measurements and.... measurements seem quite roomy. @snowmanxl buy it first and let us know how it fits happy.gif
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Anyone know if Suspension Point is stocking Peir Wu again?
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More generally, who is stocking Peir Wu this fall?

Also - if anyone has Snowpant in 46, lemme know.
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Dig this, its like some technical visvim.



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Looks like she's going for that iterative approach where she introduces the same designs every season with little tweaks. Too bad those tweaks did not include removing that collar from the lapelless jacket boooo

There is some new stuff in the mix, though-- the volumey shorts, for example, look intriguing
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Hi, it’s Andy, studio manager at Peir Wu. 


Thank you to everyone for the kind comments. Just to answer the question on stockists, the A/W 14/15 is also available at H Lorenzo, Stranger, and Suspension Point. 


We’ve just added measurements of each style and size on our webstore. We receive a lot of emails from styleforum members regarding measurements, fit sizing, and have made that information available now on our website.


Hope that helps.

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@mr-y Good to see you on here. Was wondering if you'll ever use this fabric again, looks amazing, really would love to own this piece.
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Thanks for your welcome.



@einstine Yes, we continue to use the rib knit as that’s a signature staple in our collections.


However most of the fabrics we source for our artisanal range are limited in quantities or even deadstock that we chance upon on our travels. So I’m afraid we won’t be reproducing that particular style from that season in those colours.


We might bring back that technique at a later stage when we’ve further developed it and happy to release a new series. 


I'm always available for questions here or on andy@peirwu.com.

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If anyone is interested, I've a pair of the snowpants I'm thinking of letting go. Size 46, worn once...
PM me :-)
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