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I think it was from suspension point

Going to pick it up if peir makes another iteration
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fuuuuuu whoever bought the scarf on sp! been watching that thing for months, i knew i should've just pulled the trigger, sigh.

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We recently did a short interview with Peir for my store. My brother shot it at her London studio.

Thought you guys might be interested smile.gif.

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Very nice! 

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Super cool!
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I love that the description of snowpants include a disclaimer that there is no "diaper butt" loool

Love you snow!!! biggrin.gif
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FW14 Lookbook

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Been wearing my Snowpants a lot lately now that its summer and warm outside. Really love their cut and breezyness for warmer days and how they look. They also work well worn casually if rolled up a couple of times.

Have you thought about doing the snowpants in a FW version? I think they would look fantastic in one of the felted wools she has used.
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Anyone here that owns the "Curved Leg Trousers" from Suspension Point? It's the grey wool trousers with the cinch at the waist and zip at the hem.

Do they fit TTS?
General impressions?

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I have them and like them a lot. I'm a fairly standard 34" waist and I got a 48 in these. The fit is great through the thigh and leg but I have to do the belt up tight (actually past where it should be). The material is fairly substantial but breaths well too.
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According to Peir's instagram, we might be seeing a women's line next year.

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New stuff up on Peir's site- this coat is my favorite

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MTO, too! 

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I want all of it. Peir is one brand I would go Regis on if I had the dough.
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Really wish I had the money to try out some Peir stuff, it looks so nice
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