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I actually like that collar, looks nice and something different. 

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+1 on what bcd said. i would have considered getting it if it wasn't for the collar.
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The coat worn by the model with black hair, 2nd picture down from the left, and the flight jacket worn at the bottom are both really nice.


Really looking forward to purchasing some of her outerwear, and of course those glorious pants. 

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Tbh I'm sort of let down with what's release so far. Retailers had a better selection... SP. Hopefully this isn't all of SS14.
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Don't worry toasty, there is more to come! Her newsletter went out a few days ago stating that more pieces are being added.

Re vat, I don't think she's registered for that but I know it'll be marked with a low value
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Perhaps this is a silly question...has she ever worked with leather? or has any interest in doing so?

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Well I know she did a jacket for ss13. It was this nice off white with pink undertones. It's in the look book smile.gif
Not sure about any othe plans for leather at the moment
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Snow, please ask Peir to stop adding weird floppy collars to her lapelless double breasted jackets biggrin.gif tx
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not a fan of the collar either, which means more money for next season smile.gif

i'm glad she's brining back the lapelless blazer with knit sleeves back. love the entire collections.

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awww snap. not to mention saving $$$ during the summer to drop on winter jawnz is always advisable
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Thought I'd crosspost this fit from the Snowpants thread.


Peir Wu FW12 powerweb/wool bomber, Peir Wu x Snowman pants, Ann D creepers


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long cardi w/ ribbed sleeves, FW12

(wish I had the body type to wear this stuff, i'm too dang short frown.gif )
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I'm on the other side of the spectrum, too big for many of her tops (or at least those on Suspension Point)

That piece is grail status for me but its too slim.

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Good grief that is a clean fit Conceptionist. Very, very good
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Nice!! Love those pants wink.gif

Bomber looks good there. I don't know if I've seen that?!
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