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They still have the long rise and a little bit of volume in the top.The taper definitely isn't as aggressive as previous versions though, but that's also because I asked her to leave a little more room for my calves. I'm sure if you tell Peir your thigh measurement she can make something work.

Are you guys going to go TTS for the Tourist shirt or size down? I'm debating a 46 or 48...


Less taper sound good. Think the 48 will fit me then, since the waist was good, but I might need some extra room in the upper leg. Thanks for the help.


I'm gonna go TTS in the Tourist if I decide to get it. Personally prefer a looser fit for short sleeved shirts. Measurements look similar to Uniqlo linen shirts in the same size, which fits me well in a relaxed way.

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One more question about the Yamada moto pants:

With the longer rise, would you say its a pant that is worn high up on the waist or worn more on the hips so the crotch sits low?

I'm finding with pants that sit high, I need a smaller waist whereas the opposite holds for more dropped crotch styles or shorter rises.
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I've been wearing them a little higher on the waist, so I think the 48 is the way to go.
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