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this might be relevant...
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very cool snowman! how is she like in person?
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shes so cool. just a cool person to hang out with. even if she wasnt a designer shed still be a very interesting person.

true story about the model in ss14: he was hedi's muse for a while. Peir just picked him out while he was at a bar and then she found out his backstory (working with hedi)
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Hope SP stocks that last jacket. Been looking for a technical fabric long jacket/trench
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Dunno how long they've been up but there are some additional photos of the A/W '13 collection up at Peir's website.
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Suspension Point has put up the AW13 collection!
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Originally Posted by steveoffice View Post

Suspension Point has put up the AW13 collection!

Indeed! I've missed this thread up until now, but it is great to see Peir getting more recognition here. Pieces are moving quickly!

Here is a little tableau of the FW13 styles:

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will you have another drop of peir wu aw13 or is this the only drop for this season? @Platypus
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That's the full drop for this season. Tried to showcase the key pieces / concepts of the collection like the tailored long coat, the parka w/ Thermore T37 insulation, the mountaineering inspired pieces (the fleece thermal jacket and the velcro-detail trousers), and of course her use of rib knit and hand-crafted applications.
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That long coat is incredible. How warm is it?
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The long coat is definitely fall / winter ready. The fabric is a heavyweight virgin wool that is tightly woven and slightly felted. In addition, the lining is also wind resistant (the coat is fully lined).

Peir puts a lot of thought in making sure the garments are functional and appropriate for the conditions they were designed for. For example, the hooded parka is probably the most winter-ready designer piece I have seen. The outer is a heavyweight and water / stain resistant virgin wool, it is padded with a temperature-sensitive insulation (Thermore T37), and on top on that it is lined with a showerproof and wind resistant shell. Even lighter items like the polar fleece jacket have details like concealed windproof lining.
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Can attest that the technical details are not just token gestures. The nylon ripstop layer in the thermal fleece jacket is a very effective windbreak. And the two layers of fleece make it a very warm jacket as far as light jackets go. As a bonus, the slim sleeves make it ideal for layering underneath a heavier coat for colder days.

I also picked up the black trousers, and they are absolutely stunning. Obviously fit is highly personal, but I've never had a pair of trousers fit me so perfectly. The only reason I had to take them to the tailor's was to finish the hems (speaking of which, the unfinished hem is a provision that I really appreciate). And the fabric is by far the most luxurious wool I've ever laid hands on. For those that care about such things, they're lined down to about the knee (the pockets - front and back - are lined as well).

One thing I'd like to point out, that may not be obvious to those unfamiliar with Peir's work and/or just looking at pictures, is the masterful tailoring. The thermal jacket, for example, has a paneled construction that gives it a very interesting structured silhouette (in stark contrast to the loose, lifeless structure typical of most fleece jackets) that I think is an ingenious twist on performance outerwear. "A futuristic, minimalistic perversion of performance outerwear" is how I described it in a conversation with Joseph. lol8[1].gif The deconstructed jacket from this past spring/summer was also similarly well-tailored - roped shoulders and a tailored fit in the back for structure, yet an open (but not sloppy) front.

While I'm gushing, I'll also mention details. Peir does not fuck around on details. Laser cut edges, shoulder construction, fully finished waistbands, hand-finished appliqués (which unfortunately I don't have any direct experience with yet), lined pockets, pocket placement (the pockets on the thermal jacket are so perfectly integrated into the seam of the jacket that you wouldn't even know they were there if not for the zipper pulls [which are quite cleverly nondescript themselves]), nothing is overlooked.

Anyways, hopefully I've shared some valuable information. I'd love to see more people experience Peir's clothes, she's a very interesting and very talented designer. And at the risk of sounding like I'm shilling for someone, we're very lucky that it's Suspension Point that sells Peir's work - Joseph is very knowledgeable and provides extremely good customer service.
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Lol I was going to say that I preordered the long coat from SP and its warm.
But after noctone I feel like I should say more tongue.gif
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Snowman post some of your PW stash. I know you got a lot! Don't be stingy!!!
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