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Peir Wu

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"Gender and Sexuality, Convention and Classicism, a loaded gun of buzz words that dictate and define the dialogues of fashion and dressing. We're battered daily with redundant ideas of "masculine" and "feminine", "day" and "evening", "smart" and "casual" when in reality boundaries are blurring, collapsing, merging and mutating. Timely and transcendent, Singaporean menswear designer Peir Wu brings the solution.

Her third season proper post Central Saint Martins MA, Autumn/Winter 2013-14 expands upon Peir's established vocabulary of Eastern quietude. Having honed her skills under modernist maestro Raf Simons and forever inspired by what is taken for granted or considered 'classic', Peir proposes a fresh, futuristic take on Nineties minimalism. Think Hermes under Margiela's tenure, think Helmut Lang pitched into a new century, think a new world of independent, intuitive dressing.

Staple menswear shapes - the three button blazer, the bomber, the full length overcoat - are simultaneously respected, reinterpreted and refined whilst artisanal laser cut rib knits underline an evocative, emotional undercurrent. A purist pursuit of progress, AW13-14 is worn by both Melinda and Rob. No cuts, no tweaks, no alterations. This is how it should be; Above and beyond."
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subscribed thanks for starting it!  


love that blazer! glad to see a fellow country(wo)man get some love on this forum! 

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First and last fits in the above post look incredible!

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I want some of those socks.
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snowman, get in here stat
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great thread idea, i was going to start one myself!
i was fortunate enough to be able to see and handle some of peir's clothing the other day and two things jumped out at me:
- the fabrics were fantastic, FW contains some beautiful heavy-ish wools and flannels. she had made some outerwear pieces in beige and had sourced a material that was water and stain resistant.
- the attention to detail to create a particular silhouette. for example, in the blazer pictured above second from the bottom, there is a slightly roped shoulder construction which gives the garment just the right amount of structure.

these are just off the top of my head. she also showed me some incredible artisanal pieces, but there are others here much better qualified to speak about those...
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mmm... flannel.

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huh, I figured Peir was a guy. whoops.

that blazer's solid
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^ peir has said that when she had to decide between menswear and womenswear she thought the former was more of a challenge because it was so alien to her; hence the theme of her SS12 collection, an alien tribe of men from an imaginary planet...
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Originally Posted by robinsongreen68 View Post

^ peir has said that when she had to decide between menswear and womenswear she thought the former was more of a challenge because it was so alien to her.


This is why I'm also doing a side-design project with creating womenswear pieces.
I think it's the thought that (at least for me) that when you go into something that's completely alien, the directions you take will be completely original.
It's as-if you're so clueless that you'll discover something completely different from the norm of say Womenswear or Menswear.


Peir Wu's pieces always look so tight-knight tailored. Hope to delve into her pieces in the future!

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I have a couple things and honestly quality is top notch.
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wow im late to the party but thanks for starting this steveO!!

when is the interview coming out??
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I saw she has a web store coming soon.
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