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Most stylish nation.

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I'm thinking men fashion rather than women as most women are into clothes no matter where they live.


For me its Italy and France.


I'm from the England so a little biased but I think we do ok, we used to be much more stylish but are less so now, I think the whole casuel american scene has a lot to answer for but there still seems quite a lot of brit's who are into it.


I like the MOD style but I wouldnt call myself a mod as that takes 100% dedication 24 hours a day, I like to look smart even in my house and make an effort when I go out and I'm particular about the cut and style and detail but not completely obsessive which mods are. 



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Hi and welcome to SF,

The topic you are trying to start has already been discussed a few times in some variations (best dressed cities, best dressed countries) and these discussions have usually not been very fruitful. Few members have been to a sufficient number of countries and often true observations get easily mixed up with stereotypes. It is also very hard to make a statement for a whole country since most countries have vast regional regional differences when it comes to dressing.
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OK, fair enough.smile.gif

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