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Gordon scott

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I finally received a response to my e-mails regarding Gordon Scott shipping to the USA. I was quoted 165.96 (VAT not included) plus 20.50 shipping for the Clifford. 186.46 in total. I'm thinking Ben Silver shoppers should join this forum to find the deals.
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That brings a tear to my eyes, what a deal.
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Those are GBP, not USD, right? dan
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Is there a web address for Gordon Scott you could post?
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Hi John, What email address did you use to correspond with them? My emails to the general address didn't seem to generate any responses. Thanks. DA
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Sandra contacted me from Jones Bootmaker. E-mail address: sphilpott@jonesbootmaker.com She indicated the following: Mail orders can be placed via telephone number 01323 30532 and payment can be by Credit or Debit card. And yes, the price mentioned in my earlier post was GBP. Wish I knew how these handgrade fit me.
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John, thanks for the reply. Regarding the fit, I remember you purchased the RLPL Whittaker a few months ago. I had a chance to try them on and compared to a C&J Audley and they're quite similar. I couldn't really tell any difference between the two pairs. Hope that helps.
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For any of you interested, I was just in Gordon Scott on Bond, and found quite a deal pair, which unfortunately were too small. Patent leather oxfords, C&J, originally about £200, now about £80. Oh, they're size 7.5. Final pair. EDIT I did a quick search, and they are Chathams
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Gordon Scott super-sale is on now. I went by at lunch time and picked up a pair of C&J Connaughts in Dark Brown and a pair earlier in the week of the Welfords, a Gordon Scott exclusive style. They had limited quantity (Bond Street shop), but most shoes are at more than 50% off. It is my guess that the other stores may have better stock. Happy hunting. Their numbers: New Bond Street 020 7495 3301 Broad Street 020 7374 2002 Watford 01923 229163 Solihull 0121 705 4325 Birmingham 0121 616 2371
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I was just looking through the C&J 2004/2005 catalog and noticed that the shoes labled Welford at Gordon Scott look exactly like the Leeds from the Handgrade line. Leather is a slightly different tone, but shape is exactly the same. Can't find a picture online anywhere.
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