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J.S. Homestead / Journal Standard

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Just started following this brand last season. I take it Journal Supply is a Japanese store and J.S. one of their in-house brands. The details and quality on J.S. Homstead shirts are insane - selvedge accents, chain runoff, custom contrast buttons, hidden pockets, triple-stitching. Fitted but sufficiently loose to clearly be a workshirt. Reminds me a lot (suspiciously so!) of Taylor Supply, one of my favorite American manufacturers that went under last year.

Anybody have info for obtaining larger sizes of J.S. Homestead from Japanese sources? Hoping to make the weak yen work for me!

End Clothing
Present London
Independence Chicago

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(how I wear it)
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They have a few stores here in Hong Kong and were doing 50% on most stuff when I visited 2 weeks ago.
The biggest size they had was L though.

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Put down Independence Chicago as a retailer.

I will be interning there and we stock it over there as well.

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I wish I was a small man living in Japan. I prefer an XL/3, although I could probably sneak by with a 2 it would be tight.
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Hey everybody,


Just wanted to let everyone know that Independence is carrying Journal Standard/J.S. Homestead and it is actually all at 30% off right now. Below I have listed what we have left, as far as sizing goes and there are photos and prices as well.


If you are interested please call us at 312.675.2105 or email us at


Vintage Gingham 2 Pocket Western Shirt - M, L - $300 $210.00



Old Print 2 Pocket Works Shirt - M, L - $310 $217.00



Old Chambray 2 Pocket Work Shirt - S, M, L, XL - $225 $157.50



Indigo T-Shirt - S, M, L - $115 $80.50



Indigo Sheeting 2 Pocket Work Shirt - S, M, L - $275 $192.50



Indigo Antique Coverall Jacket - S, M, L - $365 $255.00



Indigo Stole - $100 $70.00



Crew Socks Light Indigo - $38 $26.60



Crew Socks Dark Indigo - $38 $26.60



Red Bandana - $25 $17.50



Navy Bandana - $25 $17.50



Red Bandana Scarf - $75 $52.50




Navy Bandana Scarf - $75 $52.50









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Also, thought I would add that we recently moved to final sale, so all of our J.S. Homestead/Journal Standard pieces that I posted above are now 50% off!


Call (312.675.2105) or email ( for ordering or further information!



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Who's still carrying JS Homestead?
Seems like Unionmade dropped em.
Still at Hickorees.
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Bumped because I dropped into the Journal Standard store in Harajuku this week, and was really impressed with some of the Homestead stuff. What was on this thread a couple of years ago stocked by a few US retailers isn't really representative of the direction the sublabel has been going in. They still do the American workwear-inspired stuff but there are a lot more Japanese-rural inspired pieces too, using natural indigo and persimmon dyes in some cases, and in others just with that sort of look. Some are really good, a bit like a more affordable version of Kapital - lots of patching etc. I got an excellent indigo boro samue-style jacket which looks like I mugged an elderly farmer for it, the last remaining loose-woven indigo-dyed cotton cardigan from last season at 70% off, and a pair of excellent loose undyed cotton canvas trousers, also in the sale.
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Any pics? The buys of JS Homestead by US retailers in the last two years have been pretty conservative frown.gif
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Well, this is not me in these pictures (obv), but this one of the jackets that I bought - they are numbered and seem to have only made 17...



And these are the pants:



A few other things from the range...


Nice linen coat:


More indigo (this is a sample, not yet produced...)


And some persimmon-dyed denim:


All from:

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But this is me, wearing the indigo jacket, x-post from WAYWT:


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