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Filson New Short Cruiser Jacket - Fit Pic

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This is my first time posting on Styleforum.  I live in the Seattle area and made a trip down to the Filson flagship store downtown yesterday.  I've attached a fit pic of the new Short Cruiser Jacket, in the new "Seattle Fit", which is slimmer than the traditional "Alaska Fit".  The Short Cruiser is rumored to be the replacement for the Filson/Levi's Trucker Jacket.  It's $260 and only comes in tan.


What do you think of the jacket and fit?  Solid investment?  I'm be wearing it with Unbranded 101's and Iron Rangers (not pictured).  



IMG_5992.jpg 2,142k .jpg file
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Jacket fit looks solid to me.

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You wear a knit cap when it's 85? That like a billion degrees in Seattle temps.

Jacket looks good though.
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You should get it. It looks really good on you & your outfit. Fit is perfect too.

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Post in WAYT discussion for more replies...
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That is a good fit! I'm looking to buy one as well. What size is that, a small or a medium?

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It's a large. I'm. 6'2" and 200 pounds. It literally fit perfect.
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Just make sure that you don't get it wet as it will shrink significantly. In my experience, Filson cotton is extremely durable but has not seen any moisture during its manufacture. The first time that you get caught in the rain, the weave will tighten considerably, even if you let it dry in a cool location. The key consideration would be the sleeve length.
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The tin cloth version of the short cruiser says machine washable.
The black version of the short cruiser says brush/wipe clean only ... so that version will certainly shrink upon exposure to water.
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Interesting. Thanks for that clarification, Kwaker.
My experience has been with the "brush/wipe clean" materials.

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Hi OP.....



I saw how good the jacket looked with jeans and decided to pull the trigger myself.



I am 5'8 and weight 200lbs and ordered the Large as well.  I typically wear a Large in all my shirs and jackets so, hopefully this Filson Short Cruiser is not too small and true to size.


I got mine at Backcountry.com for $188 delivered.  They have 20% off and I had $20 credit for being a long time member.



Thank you and best,


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How did your jacket fit? Has it broken in at all
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Originally Posted by bhepp View Post

How did your jacket fit? Has it broken in at all

The jacket is like new still.  I don't wear it at the farm as I want to keep the look sharp.  Since I only wear it in the office it fits and looks great.


One thing to note is its hard to layer since it is fitted.  I have gained my winter weight up to 215lbs from 185~190 summer weight and it still fits good just the already difficult layering is more apparent now.



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My experience is ALWAYS to purchase the next size up with the Tin material, especially if you expose the jackets to "weather". Also, the sleeves tend to shrink significantly, which has worked well for me, but perhaps not for others.

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