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Rlpl/eg size 11 on ebay

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Hi, if anyone here is thinking about going for the RLPL/EG Size 11's on ebay. auction link Please let me know, and I will not bid. (actually I already did, but my high bid was pretty low) Better said, if anyone is going for them, let me know and I will stay out of the way as I really don't need them.
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I was planning to bid - though I'm not prepared to pay $400, so I don't expect to win.
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Andrew, I see you won the auction for these loafers. Congrats. Seems like you got a pretty good price, they look beautiful. You'll have to post some pics when you get them. If they'd have been oxfords, I would've tried to beat you, but I have too many slip-on shoes already.
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Yep, I did get them. I am not sure how close they will be in color to the Roseberry's I just got. I hope they are a bit darker and that I will be able to use them.
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I've got a pair of these -- paid $425 about 6 months ago on EBay. So I'd say you got a great price at $325. They are a medium brown -- not dark brown like EG's "dark oak," for example. However, just get out some dark brown and/or dark blue polish and you'll be able to darken them up quite nicely if you want them any darker, antiquing them in the process. You will not be disappointed -- they are great shoes. They actually look even more elegant than the they do in these pictures....
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