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Originally Posted by Murlsquirl View Post

Fresh out the box....too slim? Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

i wish i looked this good in pants.
Originally Posted by Newcomer View Post

Sometimes when I wear my Rotas to work I just pee in the stall.

i start on buttoning as i walk to the john.
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5 Essentials That Every Jetsetting Sartoriale Badass Needs


1. Sartoria Formosa - Prince-of-Wales single breasted suit, 11oz flannel



Classic and sublime while still standing out as being impeccably dressed. If the Prince of Wales wore it...you probably should too. Suitable on any continent for any occasion...so long as it involves oyster and martini lunches and a license to kill.



2. Vass - Medium Brown Suede Old English Captoe Oxford



These extremely versatile mid-brown suede captoes are necessary for any well dressed man. They are made on the sleek chiseled U-last designed by legendary Florentine bespoke Shoemaker Roberto Ugolini for Vass...it doesn't get much better. Pair them with your Prince-of-Wales check suit and you are set for business anywhere.



3. Valstar - Dark Taupe Grey Lamb Suede Valstarino Bomber Jacker



After the business day is over, switch into this bomber jacket and hop on your Ducati for a night out. Don't be surprised if women crawl up to you purring wanting to rub against you...it's super soft.



4. Buttero - Tanino High Sneaker, Black Calf



A must have to be paired with jeans and your new Valstar bomber jacket. Classic black leather sneaker...made modern by the beloved Buttero. Expertly crafted with top quality leather.




5. Calabrese 1924 - Black Pompeii Leather Travel Bag



You could be the best dressed person on the planet...but you'll look like a fool when you step off your private jet if you aren't carrying this bag. Throw out your Samsonite's...its time to upgrade. This Calabrese allows you ample room to neatly carry your wardrobe across the world...in style for conservative business dress or casual affairs.


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A few of my favorite slept-on things.

Let's see if we can get a congruent outfit out of this:

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Originally Posted by Fred G. Unn View Post

If they are like mine, the squeak is caused by the insole rubbing. Remove the insole, sprinkle some powder in there, shake it around, re-insert the insole, and the squeak should go away.



Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post

Yep. Moisture + removable insole = potential squeaking. Removing moisture with talc / baby powder should work for a while


Thanks guys! It worked. :)

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This is a clever marketing strategy, and also provides a different prospective on some things we might have initially passed over. :winwin:

I may post my list when I have a bit more time, but first a couple of fit q's, having been re-inspired by this little game (it works!).

How does the Lightning Bolt tee fit? Would a not too slender 40R be able to fit into M, or too small?

What are the measurements of the Camoshita poplin shirt in 16?

What's the appropriate sizing on both the TS(S) dobby jacket and The Pedalled linen jacket (suit measure: 42" chest, 39" waist, 18" shoulder; 5' 8", 150lbs). Thought: what about a repository where measurements can be stored and accessed for quick reference? I feel a bit foolish reposting my measurements every time I have a fit question (I suppose if one buys enough stuff, NMWA can keep specs on mental file biggrin.gif).
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@gdl203 - Just call the contest already and give me the 40% code.  I am going on vacation and want some new stuff.

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Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post

@gdl203 - Just call the contest already and give me the 40% code.  I am going on vacation and want some new stuff


Rules should state only people with 49 belts and less can win the 40% code.

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Entitled: My NMWA Alter Ego; The 5 things I can't pull off but wish I could.

The Oliver Spencer Solms jacket in diamond jacquard Bowes cream color
My Problem: I don't have enough of a life to wear this for anything, anywhere. I've thought that I need to work on the life part first, but I've thought that for years and it ain't happening; maybe I should reverse the strategy: jacket first, life will follow. Not too many pieces could cause such a change, but this one looks like it could. Can you just imagine the parties you'd have to be in attendance for to rock a jacket like this? Oh the stories you (or the jacket) could tell...

The Camoshita white seersucker capri collar shirt
My Problem: I'm in central Florida where the weather makes this entirely appropriate, but central Florida is not Miami, West Palm. In this case it's not my life per-se, it's that I'm stuck in the land of Mickey Mouse, strip malls, and I-4. Ok,I'll stop the whining about location; actually, it was the capri collar that was holding me back, but F' that - I'm ready and I'd take one in heartbeat if there was still a 50 on the shelves. Anyone?

The Stephan Schneider slide shirt in "River" cotton with contrast back
My Problem: I'm not "quirky", or "funky", or "alternative". This shirt really isn't either, but the fact that the back is different than the front is, well, a bit quirky. Still, I like it. Again, the overall design is right in line with Florida - kind of a like guayabera spun slightly modern. I'm almost there on this one, but still too uptight for it.

The Stephan Schneider valve belted coat in "Night" dark blue cotton/linen mix
My Problem: Again, no opportunity to put it to good use; too boring a life. But, wow, this is cool. I've always liked a slightly asian asthetic and the shawl collar here has that vibe. Plus there's a ton of thought and work to the double layering. Plus, check out the mode with the central collar button and the split quarters, that's a super cool look that somebody out there should be rocking. If I got into the store and could try this on in real life, I think I could talk myself into it.

The Esemplare Reversible grey jersey / navy down vest
My Problem: Actually, there's no problem here - but there used to be. I think there's a dividing line with men who are pre/anti-vest and those who aren't. I crossed the line a couple of years back and got myself a nice stable. If I didn't have everything covered I'd snag one of these right now. Navy (nylon?) that looks water resistant on one side and a soft cotton in light gray on the other - fully reversible and it's 90% down and 10% feather for a couple sheckles over two big ones. Are you kidding me? Greg's shot of it as a layer under cranberry only scratches the surface of all the bangin' combos you can do with this. And this is truly an item that looks like it could go with just about anything you throw at it - jeans, cords, drills, flannels, whatever. People should get on this. If you are like I was - "I'm not a vest guy" - you should take your first shot at it with this.

(ps - to Greg + Co., I have just a few items from NMWA, all pretty standard ones. But your endeavor continues to expose me to, and makes me think about, fantastic items like those above. You're moving the needle for me even if my wardrobe doesn't yet reflect it. Keep up the great work!)
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The Ultimate SLEPT on NMWA List:

ThinkDerm's top 5:


Brown "Dual" Millerain waxed canvas briefcase

Level of somnolence: Ambien

Reason: All styleforum members need to canvas their wardrobes to realize - you ain't got nothin' like this already. A perfect mix of leather and canvas built from British fabrics with Japanese precision. Treat every minute like time is valuable and reach for something better to tote your stuff around in this summer - sexy enough for the beach, enough room for an overnight stay, durable and light enough for active day trips, and presentable enough for work meetings over suds, this, my friends, is a purchase that has been overslept on.

Ethnocultural craftsmanship: British and Japanese


Bonus - this case comes with the polish, so you can wax 'dat case whenever, wherever:


Mid-length "Oxford Long" swim trunks, Hungarian Flowers print

Level of somnolence: Tylenol PM

Reason: Summer is only midway through, and that means there is ample time to amp up your beachwear, and plan strategically for resort season (yes, trips six months from now merit koppage now). What better way to stand out from the rest with exquisitely trim cut swimwear from Robinson Les Bains featuring elegant Hungarian florals - the cut shows you mean business, and the print demonstrates you have that fun loving spirit that will make you the life of any social gathering.

Pro Tip: Keep a pair of these in your Porter bag, you never know what mischief you'll create this summer...

Ethnocultural craftsmanship: French and Hungarian (yes, hungary is known for excellence beyond Vass)



Navy blue relaxed leg cotton & linen trousers

Level of somnolence: Benadryl

Reason: The Pontiac of summer trou, these will pants telegraph that you got the memo - when the mercury rises, wider is better. The only thing you'll enjoy more than slipping into a pair of these linen-cottons at the beginning of the day is the ease of slipping out of them when the time is right.


Protip: If washing these at home, consider handwash (cycle) with the pants inside out to protect the luster of the mother of pearl buttons.

Protip2: Blue linen trou work well for summer. Forget the group think that Blue Trou can't be worn while at the resort, on a boat, in Napa or Tahoe.

Ethnocultural craftsmanship: MIJ


Grey stripe chambray shirt, spread collar


Grey stripe chambray shirt, spread collar


Level of somnolence: Hydroxyzine Syrup

Reason: How could this be on the list of sleepers you might wonder? Simply put, this shirt is so next level, it's been heavily slept on. Sure sure, it's by NMWA fan favorite maker G. (money) inglese, made in italy, with handwork, many years on their shoulders, etc. We know and expect this. However, we never expected a Grey Striped Chambray shirt. At first glance, it's easy to think, another cotton-linen shirt jam, but just when you've gotten comfortable with the summer shirt offerings, Greg and Co mix this shirt game up heavy, like some original Wu Tang Clan, 36 chambers of menswear excellence, bringing the masses real chambray, in a year round, perfect (non-poly blend, meaning non-flammable) beach to boardroom shirt jam. At these mid-summer sale prices, NMWA is barely covering the cost of fabric, let alone, handmade fantasticness.

Protip: Keep this versatile shirt in your mix year round. Buy it for the fabric and craftsmanship, keep it for the fit.

Ethnocultural heritage: Italian cento percento


Navy wool & cashmere knit tie, light blue birdseye

Level of somnolence: Two shots of vodka - straight, no chaser

Reason: Best known for making incredible, life-course correcting socks, these ties are way under the radar. A subtle mix of wool and cashmere, with a thinness that complements and flatters nearly any frame with precision, this piece of neckwear is so much more than a tie. I've included close up shots of the fabric to demonstrate the craftsmanship that makes this Sozzi piece worthy of valued neck time.

Ethnocultural: Made in Italy

Protip: Mix different textures in your outfit to reach that next-levelness you've been striving for. A tie like this added to the above will make you unique amongst your friends and peers. Keep this Sozzi in your Porter bag and tie one on for client meetings.


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Five sleepers:

1. Pedaled Jacket

2. Porter Duffel

3. More luggage

4. Drake's Scarf

5. Ikat tee

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Originally Posted by mmmtttt View Post


Rules should state only people with 49 belts and less can win the 40% code.

Oh, right, I get it.  Because I have a lot of belts.  Funny.






Die. :mad:

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Originally Posted by ThinkDerm View Post

At first glance, it's easy to think, another cotton-linen shirt jam, but just when you've gotten comfortable with the summer shirt offerings, Greg and Co mix this shirt game up heavy, like some original Wu Tang Clan, 36 chambers of menswear excellence, bringing the masses real chambray, in a year round, perfect (non-poly blend, meaning non-flammable) beach to boardroom shirt jam.



Grey-striped chambray is for the children!

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I love that shirt...wearing it tomorrow actually.
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