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@murl that angle makes the pants look like a good length.

@unbel I'm right handed and have a slight dropped right shoulder, if that helps.
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Originally Posted by unbelragazzo View Post

Murl, are you left-handed? (sorry, always trying to gather data to corroborate my theory (errrrr probably someone else's that I have co-opted) that people tend to have a dropped shoulder on their dominant side.

Nope, right handed. Sorry to throw off your data. My right arm spent a lot of time in a sling from a shoulder injury as a kid...I've always thought that was the reason for the drop (it's pretty bad). Maybe I was always like this...who knows.
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Jumping on board with "A Few of My Favorite (Slept-on) Things."


I tend to play in the no man's land between casual and suit-and-tie, and I think my choices reflect that. A look at my wardrobe will quickly affirm my belief that I could easy wear the same shirt every day of the week, but a different jacket everyday is a must. Moving on to my picks...


1. TS(S) Navy dobby cotton hooded long jacket


While I will transparently say that this jacket is sold out in my size, it is THE piece I have been looking at this season on NMWA. The perfect blend of menswear and casual, I could see myself wearing this everyday. Perfect for the casual rains that Portland sees most of the year, and the colder times of California.


2. STEPHAN SCHNEIDER Decks hooded jacket in "Desert" khaki double-faced cotton/nylon mix

Continuing my love for versatility, I think this jacket, while understated (and "plain" to some) would make a handsome go-to outerwear piece. A nice medium weight, neutral tone, and removable hood make it a no-brainer for endless situations. A good number two to the TS(S) dobby jacket.


3. PORTER BY YOSHIDA Black "Booth Pack " 3-way duffle bag

Building on my theme of versatility in unexpected places, this bag fits the bill. I'm sure many (myself included) would argue that a rolling carry-on suitcase would be the best piece for travel, but I have a hard time resisting this bag. The simple black tone, classic Porter aesthetic and construction, combined with the versatility of storage make me imagine the ways it could replace two or three of my current luggage pieces. The suitcase-like compartments allows it to fill many roles in my travel arrangements, and the multiple carrying handles make sure it's easy to bring along.


4. OLIVER SPENCER Oxford jacket in Hilsea stone color 

All spring and summer, I've been looking for a good cotton sportcoat. Something in a more defined texture (twill or oxford) and in a neutral, beige tone. This definitely fits the bill. The patch pockets keep it casual, but the overall shape and two-button give it a refined edge. Again, perfect for a casual-but-not-too-casual aesthetic. A slept-on piece in the sense that it's very ubiquitous, but a necessary addition.


5. CAMOSHITA Dark bottle green cotton suit

This. The first time I saw this suit online, I lost it. Cotton. Dark green. What's not to love? It's the ultimate slept-on piece. Green isn't the first thing many would think of as a versatile addition to the wardrobe, but I beg to differ. This suit with a crisp blue or white OCBD, two buttons undone, no tie, and color 8 LHS. Done. Or maybe a pair of Converse? Endless possibilities. It's the perfect way to make a statement and catch eyes without overdoing it. Plus, the cotton gives it a slightly more casual edge that doesn't scream "who has two thumbs and owns a green suit?"

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1. EO TO TO - Sunbathing woman jacquard v-neck sweater

What is wrong with you people? Why is there still a full size run of this thing? Look at the beautiful scene on the sweater: a lady with nice, round buttocks sunbathing on a serene beach, and oh, what's that? Are those seashells? And a boat out in the distance? Jesus, it's got everything. This sweater is literally art, from the pleasant color scheme to the peaceful scene that makes you remember those carefree younger days... I mean, I recognize it's still summer so maybe you don't need a sweater, but you could grab it to stick it in a frame so that you don't forget what it's like to be young...

2. Lightning Bolt - Birds of Paradise t-shirt

You're on vacation in a tropical place, maybe it's south america or maybe it's asia. It's a bit hot, but you've got a cold drink in your hand. You're not sure what you're gonna do today, you're a little tired, but all you know is that you're happy where you are right now, not really doing anything at the moment. You're just strolling around, and out of nowhere something catches your eye: a few brightly colored flowers surrounded by lush dark green. You remember your youth. You remember what it's like to fall in love all over again. You shed a tear for your dreams of being a rockstar or a professional surfer.

Pleasantly colored in an inoffensive beige/gray with a dark floral/tropical print, and it's only $30!

3. TS(S) - Navy Wave Print Shirt

Oh my gosh, this print is incredible. A little sloppy and irregular, not perfect. A little bleeding of the blue into the white here and there. Beautiful shirt that reminds you of the first time you ever saw the ocean, and you can just imagine wearing this thing open over the Lightning Bolt t-shirt, sleeves rolled up a bit, it's wrinkled, the salt breeze blowing and ruffling this lightweight shirt around you, maybe you see a nice lady out in the distance, you wave, maybe, but she probably can't see you because you're blending in with the sea because of this incredible print

4. LUNETTES KOLLEKTION - "Jeunesse Toujours" sunglasses in tortoise brown

You don't really have to give up your dream of being a rockstar or professional surfer with these bad boys. Forget that you ever even heard the word finance.

5. PEDALED - Hacking jacket in grey/blue linen

It's no longer summer, but mid-late autumn. You're not at the beach anymore, you're in the city on your bike. It's a bit cold outside, you're bundled up with toasty layers, and you're zipping along on your fixie while the autumn rainbow of orange, red, and yellow leaves float past you in the air. Where are you going? Who knows. Are you late? Probably. Do you care? Not a bit. This asshole behind you cares, though. He's honking real loud at you, yelling something you don't quite understand. But you stay namaste. You stay zen. You've found your youth. Finally, as the both of you reach a stop light, he pulls up next to you. You give him the look that all cyclists have learned to give to angry car drivers. He's saying something to you. But you're not sure what it is. You're still zen. Have you started caring yet? Not in the slightest.

The light goes green, you snap out of it. You ride off into the morning sun. You hear him in the distance, and this time, you actually catch what he's saying as the distance between you two increases:

"Is that jacket 100% linen?"
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Thanks NMWA for this contest. Looking forward to seeing some of these items up close next week!


1. Brown navy striped Bigi Shantung: lovely summer tie; versatile colors; surface texture.



2. AS Walnut Single Monks: Because you are so f**king tired of double monks (and darn it, you who bought the last 8UK! All other sizes appear available).



3. Drake's Scarf: Beautiful color combinations, pattern, texture.



4. Pedaled Hacking Jacket in Linen: I'm traveling right now and have a similar piece. It's great to have all these pockets while traveling and in linen will help in the summer heat.



5. Camoshita Navy Linen Trousers: Why the navy trouser hate, SF? These are awesome.


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with this




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Not in any particular order. Items that I think are slept on or want, but cannot afford right now baldy[1].gif

1. Handsewn goodness to pair with your fit

2. Pants that will sit cool, while you are lounging on the beach

3. You don't see too much green around town

4. Gotta be able to style when you are headed away for the weekend

5. Nothing better than a stylish loafer
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My buttero high tops seemed to have developed squeaking sounds after a few wears :( anyone happen to know any remedies? Thanks!

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Originally Posted by fllick View Post

My buttero high tops seemed to have developed squeaking sounds after a few wears frown.gif anyone happen to know any remedies? Thanks!
If they are like mine, the squeak is caused by the insole rubbing. Remove the insole, sprinkle some powder in there, shake it around, re-insert the insole, and the squeak should go away.
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Yep. Moisture + removable insole = potential squeaking. Removing moisture with talc / baby powder should work for a while
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1. Really need to jump on these.















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Two simple shirt-pants combos with a pair of boots for both...







Big John







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I have those boots - they get a good amount of wear

Old picture... the suede looks better now with wear/dirt.
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1. Pedaled Winter Adventure jacket. I bike year round and I have been trying to convince myself to buy this.

2. Inis Meain Grey birdseye

3. ts(s) wobbly print

4. Niche Brown gaucho slim cords

5. Buttero Tanino Low
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