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hells bells yeah it is.
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Originally Posted by Sotiris View Post
Originally Posted by Mr. Six View Post

Cantarelli isn't slept on, but I really like this one and don't think it's gotten as much attention as others.

I have this, and it's awesome.

I might have put it in my cart a couple of times, but I can neither confirm nor deny.

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Boardwalk at the Oregon Beach.

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I'm just going to assume that "slept on" means "slept on previous to this contest being posted"
(though either way I'm pretty sure everything but the shoes almost never has been posted before)


Starting off with outerwear by Oliver Spencer

Just from the pictures I'm pretty sure it'd be one of the most durable and best constructed jackets I've ever laid my hands on, the brass zippers work so well with the farleigh green and black ribbing, and lastly the design is simply really nice.


Moving on to a shirt, made by EOTOTO (the link to the "maker"-page from the product-page doesn't seem to work for this btw)

Don't really think I need to say much about this, it looks like a really nice white shirt with some (for being graphic) relatively suble details


Bottoms next, provided by TS(S)

The cotton fabric looks cool, the color is cool, the ribbing is cool, freedom of movement is cool.

Yep, that's pretty much it.


Almost done, just need some Heschung footwear...

Truly the nicest chucka I've ever seen, has been included on several others list and for good reason.
It's possible some other pants than the ones above would work better for the outfit since they are both grey, but also possible the texture and hue is different enough that it'd work out nicely.
Either way these still are the easily most slept on shoes, and would I win the 40% off code I hope to buy these for my father's birthday, he needs some autumn/winter footwear :)

(a very noble cause, seeing how my mother and I since last year have transitioned him from from awful dress-shirts+awful jeans+awful shoes to OCBD's+well-fitting chinos/jeans+white Converse low)


...and lastly a scarf by none other than Stephan Schneider to top it off

It's varying grades of grey, it's substantial washed linen and it's large enough to have some volume , what more could one want?



Was actually surprisingly fun to put this together, good way of bringing attention to pieces that deserve some more love :fonz: 

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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

hells bells yeah it is.

do you read harry dresden? hells bells reminds me of that.

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Great eyes, men.

My picks:

1. The pattern on this is totally sexy, and I need a great umbrella. Except I don't, living in LA. It would end up sitting in the cargo area of my car, getting smushed under my daughter's six tons of dance gear, my damp, sandy wetsuit, and the latest load of stuff I keep forgetting to drop at the dry cleaner. Fuck our beautiful Southern California weather.

2. Not exactly an edgy choice. I have no good excuse for sleeping on this one. The colors are pretty much perfect, as are the weight and texture based on my fondling it through the interwebz.

3. Loving these, but my tailor doesn't do a great job with spectacle alterations, so I don't buy them online aside from replenishing my drawer of disposable crappy $10 sunglasses.

4. Still sleeping on these in the sense that by the time I woke up my size was sold out. The retro feel of the seersucker fabric, the cut of the pockets, and the snaps, is fantastic. I'd feel totally Sean Connery throwback in these and #3 (and my Camoshita white Capri shirt, which I picked up when I was NY) as long as I avoided reflective surfaces. They're awesome, and living here I'd get a lot more use out of them than I would some of the other awesome pieces like #1 and the beautiful overcoats. Stitches, if you ever make it out to LA I'm buying us a matching pair of these and we're going to the beach.

5. I mean, come on. (The leather lowcut Butteros aren't on the site, so I figure they don't count.)

Honorable mentions -- since Greg stressed the emphasis of Rule 2(b), I didn't include these among my five picks because it's less an issue of sleeping on them than just recognizing that they won't work with my relatively long torso and orangutan arms. (Other 40/50 L's make your presence known, so we can make it worth Greg's and Kyle's while to carry it as one of their stock sizes . . .)

1. Actually pulled the trigger on this, before Kyle helpfully pointed out that with the cropped style the arms are markedly shorter than the OS Oxford jacket, which I did pick up. But I still love this one from afar.

2. Thankfully for my wallet, not available in my size. But the color. Is. Perfect.
Minor quibble. Don't know I'd go with the ticket pocket on a cotton suit if I were choosing. But in this color, I'd probably live with cargo pant pockets.

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OS Alpha and Farnese:

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Frank, have you considered Engineered Garments?
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frank pulling off the alpha like a true alpha.
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Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

Frank, have you considered Engineered Garments?

I have seen some stuff that looks good in the WAYWT and EG threads. I have not had a chance to really look into it though.
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If you're in Chicago, might be worth stopping by Independence (select Bloomingdales will carry it too) some time to check it out - seems like it would be easy for you to incorporate into your existing stuff if you wanted to. /unsolicited advice
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I'll play. +1 for sizing advice on the TS(S) tux!





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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

frank pulling off the alpha like a true alpha.

Frank is alpha as f**k.
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