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Originally Posted by Mr. Six View Post

Cantarelli isn't slept on, but I really like this one and don't think it's gotten as much attention as others.

I have this, and it's awesome.
I think Greg gave these linen Bigi squares a shout out, but they haven't been mentioned much otherwise.

Good one. I glossed over all ties and squares when making picks.
Originally Posted by Sotiris View Post

ESEMPLAREtan/madras reversible shorts
I have these too and they're great. Oh wait...
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Here are my five (although honestly I should probably just put five pairs of Vass since everyone needs more shoes)

Vass U cap - this is an incredible shoe that mixes a great design, super comfortable last and rich color. 3 piece trees are a plus as well.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Camoshita Green Suit:

This fit pic is amazing: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Niche Cubrirse Shirt: perfect for summer

Porter portfolio, pretty cool design:

Stephan Scheider Pressure jacket: this one has been tempting me, great design:

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(Not contest related)

Inis Meaín linen MTO. (With dreaded navy trousers!)

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Very nice Mr. Six!

I too will deviate from the contest entries...

Brown Linen Formosa x Mazzarelli Button Down.

Going to wait until the suit settles in before I get any more tailoring done.*

*NOTE: linen pants "shrink" a bunch due to wrinkles.
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My contest entry - thanks to Greg for lightening things up as I wait for the weekend (Miami bachelor party - let's see if I survive):

My first 2 picks are the embodiment of what my wife affectionately calls Italian grandpa style (she is a Borgia so she would know)

1) Rota Puppytooth Linen Pants

Can't believe these are still available - the puppytooth is super subtle and from a few feet away the pants read solid. Great summer look paired with Inglese popover. Get on it.

2) Cantarelli Glencheck Blazer

Rock this at Pitti on the wall with Greg and you are definitely getting featured on street photog blog. Another surprisingly subtle patterned blazer that will work with a variety of summer looks. Big fan!!

3) Camoshita Green Madras Blazer

Kyle sported this at the trunk show and his fits were spectacular - bold look but just follow Greg's styling in this photo and you'll be set. Japanese attention to detail is unsurpassed.

4) Esemplare Reversible Down Shirt

So not really seasonal right now at the height of summer on the east coast, but I picked up the green/flower camo one and it's going to be my go to for the fall. Perfect weight, great fit - the ideal layering piece. I would strongly advise picking this up - my wifey saw mine and said that is awesome!! And she usually ignores my clothes. Haha.

5) Mackintosh Navy Dunoon Handmade Coat

In light of our recent raincoat discussion, I thought I should shine a light on these handmade Mackintosh pieces - might not be long enough for Stitchy, but these are the creme de la creme of raincoats. If you want to be wild, go with one of the bold yellow or orange colors. Otherwise, navy works for all your needs.

And as a bonus, DO NOT sleep on any of the Formosa suits - they are a steal on sale. Best RTW suit on the market in my opinion. Clean Greg out so he can expand his offering!!!
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Now's as good a time to break silence as any, I suppose. Contest time!


1. Mazzarelli oxford striped shirt


2. Alfred Sargent two eyelet suede derby 


3. Castaner army green espadrilles


4. Tobacco linen Sartoria Formosa suit (there are too many sizes left in this amazing fabric, just not *my* size)


5. Sand linen pocket square - you need something for that tobacco suit, right?



Bonus shot of the G.Inglese striped popover and a really lousy shot pre-tailor of the Formosa Solaro:

Fit shots (Click to show)

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Lots of great in the wild shots sneaking in here... And team Formosa's numbers are getting really impressive.
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Here are my five favorites. 



1. Inglese Hand-sewn cotton/linen shirt with one-piece Capri collar, blue butcher stripe




2. Inglese Light blue chambray shirt, spread collar




3. Rota Linen trousers (my favorite summer trousers!)



4. Vass Oxblood U- Cap (very versatile shoes)



5. Mackintosh, beige Monkton raincoat


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I'll play.

You could also rename this post "Things I want, but can't afford at the moment"

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Thread Starter 
Wow you guys are pretty good at this! Some of you can wax poetic about clothes better than we do. You should write our product descriptions wink.gif

Keep in mind (2) (b) in your entries if you want to make it to the winners group smile.gif
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Great idea!





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FC, I love those swim trunks !
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my picks for the contest:






color isn't for me, but ppl are sleeping hard on this sweater:

i've been wanting to pull the trigger on this bag for a long time now but i cant justify it since i dont actually need it and would probably use it like 4 times a year max

really like the color of the suit, shame it's a single vent. My size is sold out either way, though



Also, items slept on:


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Probably the best SC available right now imo


Jacket is versatile as hell. Can be worn casually and be fine if your office is business casual


Another versatile piece, easy to throw on for a quick run to the store during halftime for beer. Reversible too 

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