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Originally Posted by stmaier View Post

Originally Posted by Asian Afro View Post

Just saw this as I was looking through older posts....anyone know where this is from?

Someone else on SF and I are trying to track it down. Will share should we find something.
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Thanks to RedDevil10 for pointing out that the jacket comes from The Tailoring Club's AW 2011 collection, which was sold in Sweden and Finland.

Now to find one my size...
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amazaballs that is filled with gorgeous clothing.
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G - are you going to be offering anything similar to a Barbour Bedale? Waxed cotton, can be dressed up or down, etc...
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Not exactly the same but I feel that our Mackintosh coats can easily be dressed up or down :

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top pic (gray coat) and all the quilted coats are so full of win.
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Been coming around to the idea of a light quilted coat for quite a while but nothing has pushed me over the edge ... this might be the one:

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that's really good
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Not to beat a dead horse, but I hope you reconsider a B&M store. Even though there are a plethora of men's clothing stores in NYC, there is no real choice for quality items. There are specialized stores for shoes, jeans, etc., but that is about it for OTR. It would be nice to have a store that isn't about labels but about quality merchandise.
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Not sure if this has already been asked, but will you venture into watch territory as well?
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I was traveling to NYC this week for business and made an appointment to see Greg today. Although I only had an hour, I tried on as many items as I could so I would be much more comfortable ordering in the future. The selection he has has put together is amazing and I have no doubt his customer service will be top notch.

Thanks again Greg for letting me stop in the "shop" and I look forward to working with you in the future.
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Let the poor guy launch his fucking site first before he talks about any future plans.
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Jet, you are like the Brian McCann of this thread. Calm down.

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Just here to control the idiocy for the guy who is going to great lengths to please everyone that's all.

Couldn't be more relaxed.
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Calmer than you are....
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