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Neapolitans do not cut pizza.
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Neapolitans do not cut pizza.

boooo - way to kill a joak

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Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post

boooo - way to kill a joak

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I was scrolling fast from bottom to top and I saw that blue material emerge, and I thought it was seated legs in navy pants, and I kept scrolling and I saw that hand clutching something, and I thought I was in the creepy sartorial images thread for a moment confused.gif

we have all been there
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The tubo suede belts are very nice and look great in person.  I ordered the gray, but ended up returning it.  I found it very annoying to put on and off because there is too much friction between the seude and your pants. Others may not mind this, but it was something that I knew would annoy me.  I exchanged for the blue elastic belt and am very happy with it.  


I am considering the tubo calf.  

Joke too easy... must resist.

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Quick feedback on the Fat Carter now that I've used it for some time - it does have its pros and, sorry to say, cons as well:




The bag carries everything I need.

The leather is beautiful and will only get better with age.

The handles are more comfortable than my Filson 256

It's just so damned elegant with a suit and looks pretty good with more casual outfits.



After your wife/partner sees this bag, they are going to want one.


If you plan to order one, be prepared and don't say I didn't warn you!

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How's the shoulder strap for carrying? That's about the only way I carry a bag so I'm curious since it's not a flat ribbon style strap.
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The strap seems pretty thin, to be honest, but I've yet to try it out.
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Quick fit FB on the Robinson LesBains Oxford swimshorts. Very well made and nice features like the zipped right pocket. As for fit, pretty slim in hip/bum area and no stretch. S/s Rotas in 50 fit me like a charm, an L RLB is fine in waist but almost too trim everywhere else. Just be aware. Btw, think the XL waist size info must be wrong, +3.5" from L?
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@gdl203, for the Stephan Schneider shirt jackets the garment care label indicates to handwash it however, can I machine wash it using either the delicate or handwash cycle on my washing machine?
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Two things that Greg and co. do very well:

1. Greg's vision to help his customers dress well by offering unique/difficult-to-acquire brands is worthy of praise. Unlike most other stores, including several SF affiliates, NMWA doesn't simply stock trendy items for the sake of making a quick buck; rather, every piece is carefully selected. Some examples include the Formosa suit fabrics, Inglese shirtings and styles, and Talarico umbrella color coordination (i.e., lighter stick color for light canopy color, darker stick color for dark canopy color).

2. As busy as Greg is, he has made himself available to help me with my decisions on multiple occasions, including during the spring drop, where his schedule was hectic.

Just a happy customer's two cents.
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tl;rd NMWA is teh ish.
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Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post

These Cantarelli sport coats fit very slim. Pretty much everyone has to size up from their normal suit size. That's why we have 36/46 in other brands but start at 48 for Cantarelli. All those fit people who normally wear 36/46


Greg, I do have 2 Cantarelli SCs from last year in 36 and I do think they fit me perfectly as slim cut. Looking at the measurements you listed on the site confirms this as 36 is commonly 19" chest. Just fyi...

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@Gerry Nelson enjoy the Fat Carter (name is still funny after the 100th time...)! I'd love to see your pics as it gets used and ages.

@1969 as GN indicated, it's pretty slim. I'd say that it's a convenient accessory for those times when you need to carry the bag on the shoulder, but I'm not sure the FC isn't a messenger bag - I'm not sure it's the best choice for something that will primarily be worn on the shoulder

@DeSense we'll double check the measurements but I think they're correct.

@Odd I/O I don't have any personal experience washing this piece but I think if recommend following the care tag instructions here

@Maverick972 wow thanks so much for the kind words! As I said from the beginning, we're complete outsiders to the fashion and retail industry and we built this as the dream store we'd like to shop at. It isn't a concept or a variant of a traditional shop model, it's what we like to see (selection of products, useful photo, interesting pics and video of production) and read (articles on men's style and backstories about the makers) when browsing an online shop. Since we've never done it before, there are many things we could have done differently, but the constant feedback we get from you guys helps us improve what we can as we go

@Riva are yours from the same line (Sartoria) and cut (linea 14)? I've yet to see a single customer trying our Cantarelli sport coats on who did not size up from their usual size. I know I need to.
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