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Get well Greg, strep is never fun. Looking forward to Kopsgiving tomorrow.
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I was only playing when I noted the lull a few days ago; strep's no fun. Take it easy and here's hoping you're better soon!
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Guys, sorry if I've been MIA and if things are taking longer to get online. I've been hit with a crazy-ass strep that pinned me to bed for four days, put me to sleep 36 hours straight, didn't let me get up and gave me weird hallucinations (that was maybe the meds...).
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Sounds like Strep from Hell, Greg. Glad you're feeling better.
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I think it's very likely that one or both may find themselves back in our warehouse for size exchange (some people ordered several sizes of Schneider stuff to pin down their size... You know who you are wink.gif ). But I doubt we'll place a restock order with Schneider.


Hey, I've always wondered this, so, how do you guys feel about packing up and shipping stuff that you know will be coming back (at least some of it), and footing the shipping both ways?  


Normally, it's the large, faceless corporations that do this, so I've never been able to ask.


I'm assuming the bigger companies can do this based on volume alone, but you guys appear relatively small, have high end goods and good prices, including discounts and good sales...

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+1, I felt bad because Kyle sent me the shipper label before I even had a chance to ask to pick up the shipping costs.
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Sometimes it's worth offering such above and beyond services like these when you are trying to scale a business an ensure you have money, and customers, coming in the door.

You figure clothing has a decent mark up on it so even if you're fronting shipping costs on returns you're also guaranteeing the purchase of an item - some $600 guaranteed sale seems worth paying the shipping costs for the customer to return it.

It's definitely not the norm and should be commended, don't get me wrong. Just adding my two cents on why I think it's smart business practice.
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tl;dr NMWA is awesome at customer service.
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I also think, especially for a business whose customers talk to each other, it's good to have your products represented well by your customers, which for a clothing company means making sure they can get the right size.

I think if you're buying stuff with the genuine intent of keeping it if it's as you expect - or buying two sizes if you're unsure and sending back one - then it's completely acceptable to take advantage of a perk such as free shopping. If you're buying just because you want to see something in person and you're pretty sure you're going to send it back, that's kind of a dick move.. But most people aren't dicks and even the dicks might not want to go to that trouble just to get a look at something they won't keep.
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People do not return as often or as aggressively as you think. This is not the model of return anything at any time, no questions asked.


You have a captive audience for a niche product, so aside from fit issues, the likelihood they will outright dislike something is close to nil. This isn't "Let me buy some different kinds of toothpaste and see which one I like best." It's "Oh, you're the only stockist of XX brand I've been looking for forever? Sign me up."  


With a narrow inventory that outstrips demand, the people who do make use of the return service are effectively subsidized by the overwhelming majority that order products, receive them, and decide to keep. This extra perk makes shopping appealing, generally redounds to the benefit of all involved, and is wholly appreciated if you are a heavy shopper. I'm not sure what UPS charges, but I'm sure it's some kind of yearly flat rate; even given an unlimited revolving door of returns and reorders, you will eventually find something you want, at which point the return service pays for itself.


I'd think the bigger question is why giants like Yoox cannot offer this service. Maybe at higher volume it becomes insanely expensive.

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I just want to reiterate what unbel said, that anybody who orders something just to try it on in person and then order from somewhere else is making a dick move.
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And NB returns to Amazon aren't necessarily free. Only if they dropped the ball somehow. If you just don't end up wanting something then you pay to return many items. Cost me $25 to return a sink... Don't know how they handle sizing issues. Never order clothing from them. Inglese selection is nil.
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Unrelated to anything, Kyle told me solid navy will be among the linen swatches for Inis Meain MTOs, which means a navy linen crewneck will be available. Rather excited about that.
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What is the smallest size they make?

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Originally Posted by sprout2 View Post

What is the smallest size they make?

You mean Inis Meains? Their small fits me fine, and I'm a 36 chest. I wear stuff somewhat traditionally sized - not baggy or tight - but I can imagine a 38 chest going with a small as well. I assume measurements of various Inis Meain sweaters can be found on NMWA's website. They have the crewneck linen in various Donegal yarns.
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just in case anyone is curious, i got the SS pressure jacket in a 5 and a 6. the 6 was a bit too shouchy and long for my liking so i am going with the 5, which fit more fitted and ended just below my waist. either would have worked, just a mater of how i wanted it to look. also, if i had a longer torso i may have gone with the 6.

for reference, i wear an XL in inis and 54 in formosa.

hope that helps someone kop something.
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