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mid to lowish rise flat front 4 lief!

but srsly, whatever floats your boat.
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Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post

High rise flat fronts on the other hand almost universally look terrible.


No question.


Higher rises are only for jacket combos, and need at least one pleat.  I agree a more modest rise is better for casual trousers i.e. no jacket.  But unless they're jeans i.e. no crease in the front, I think a single pleat accentuates the vertical line of the crease and always looks good, without that blousiness a double pleat can cause.  But if you're low-slung, skinny and hip, then I am sure flat works for some.  :)


Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

but srsly, whatever floats your boat.


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due to my wider hips, even on higher rise pants, my pleats never stay closed. i gave up on pleats, they just look bad on me imo.
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Did you have them cut for braces so that they're loose at the waist? This is the only way mine stay closed. With a belt it's impossible.
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i did not. but i cant handle loose at the waist. i feel my shirt and stuff coming loose and it drives me nuts. i have sensory issues (along with many others).
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Shirt shouldn't come loose if it fits, it just kind of falls back down if it ever comes up rather than being trapped above a belt. I have fewer untucking issues when I wear braces.
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Interesting. May give it a try some day. Thanks.
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Wearing high-waisted, flat front, tapered chinos as we speak. Screw you guys :censored:

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Greg, when do you expect new inventory on sold out Big John jeans? (reg straight, blue)
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Inglese and Calabrese in the wild...

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Same Inglese shirt with Vanda tie and a Tom Ford pocket whale
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looking great, gents.
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did aportnoy just post that to make me more jealous? i'm assuming pic is a little overexposed
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i believe it is. here is me today, i think is closer to actual color. smile.gif

SUP @Murlsquirl! thanks again!

i think i do need a little waist suppression in this birdseye. feels too full in the gut.

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It's hard to tell by the way you're standing but It looks great the way it is. I'm more of a fan of a gentle curve in the sides than a more hourglass English type job. 

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