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Originally Posted by venividivicibj View Post

How can you tell the jacket is too long when you can't even see the seat, waist, or really anything else?
Maybe it's just because a dickish sense of hunor, bit I read that as a joke.
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Originally Posted by Darkside View Post

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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

What are the pants?

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Originally Posted by capnMURPHY2021 View Post

What are the pants?


Rivet chinos from Epaulet.





Speaking of pants, what are people's experiences with the Big John Slim Tapered Faux slub? Did you go TTS. Do they stretch? Do they bleed onto your shoes? 

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Can anyone comment on the water resistance of the Document Raincoat?  Thanks very much.

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Originally Posted by shrugged View Post

Can anyone comment on the water resistance of the Document Raincoat?  Thanks very much.


More style than technical prowess - for something truly waterproof I'd look towards the Valstar ones or Norwegian Rain

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We're back from Paris, and with that comes lots of photos and notes from our time at the wonderful Stephan Schneider showroom, and of course pre-orders :D


Spring Summer 2017 is titled Desperately Seeking Serpentines, and it took it's inspiration from the kind of bittersweet, joyful melancholy that comes from  looking back on the sad love songs from our teenage years. Lyrics from sad love songs of various ages were printed on "serpentines" a type of streamer typically reserved for New Years and other joyous occasions. It was this dichotomy that Stephan wanted to look at, and it comes through with a mixture of subdued colors that continue the deep greens from FW2016, sprinkled with the more traditional bright colors of the serpentine streamers.


I don't have any official lookbook photos yet, but I'll try to provide them as soon as I can for guidance and reference.


These pre-orders are a chance to get something in an uncommon fabric that may otherwise not get ordered, or in an uncommon size that may not get ordered. With the PREORDER code, it's also a chance to get a sale price on Schneider at the very beginning of the season instead of the end.


The fine print:


  • Because of the special nature of these, all pre-orders are to be considered final sale.
  • The item pages that are up are for a 50% deposit to secure the item, with 50% due again in early spring 2017 when we receive the items.
  • Don't forget to use code PREORDER for 20% off now, and later!
  • Be sure to read the item descriptions - not all photos represent the item that will be ordered, and occasionally may just show the item style, with separate photos to indicate the fabric available.
  • We really need to get this order over to Belgium, so pre-orders will close at the end of the week: EOD Friday, July 8th. Don't sleep on these!


All pre-order styles.



Wonder trousers: These are a shape we've seen before from Stephan, most recently this spring/summer in a style called the "Hammer". It's a good shape, with a semi-elastic waist and nice taper down the whole leg. We're offering them in four fabrics for pre-order: an 80/20 cotton/linen in both navy blue and beige (this is the closest to this season's "agate" slubby cotton/linen fabric that sold out near instantly), the signature dark green color of the season in a cotton/nylon with a great super-lightweight hand to it, and a medium weight textured cotton/nylon in a large grey and beige check (look for this fabric again!)





Elusion jacket: this is a super lighweight cotton bomber, partially lined and finished with nice hardware and details like the self-fabric collar. The beige one has contrasting trim on the inside, with the dark green having a dark charcoal (maybe black?) solid lining. Both wear very light, with the lining only in the upper back and zipper area.



Joy jacket: we went back and forth about bringing back Stephan's signature integrated hood, 1 1/2 breasted style, but decided this iteration was too perfect to skip it. Remember when I said to take note of that textured grey and beige large check fabric? We're using it again here, with a matching camel color shirting fabric lining. Butter.



Sentiment shirt: This is something a little different, but a lot more subtle than you'd think. It's got a lot going on but it comes together nicely, so bear with me here: kimono style sleeves, with poplin front and (tonal, this is key!) jersey back to be cool wearing, and an asymmetrical front closure that looks just right when worn a little bit unbuttoned. Available in tonal green on green and navy on navy.






Integrity shirt-jacket: This is a hard one to pin down, as it's a bit of a chameleon depending on fabric choice and how you wear it. It's a completely unstructured shirt jacket, with patch pockets and a collar that can be worn up, down as a regular collar, or down with lapels. Made up in that 80/20 cotton/linen, it has a bit of a refined chore coat vibe for the guys into that, but we're also offering it in this incredible 100% slubby silk "donegal", if you can call it that (I will for convenience). Be sure to take a look at those close-ups.



I think that about covers all of it, but please ask away if you have any questions or concerns, and I'll update this thread as soon as I have any more materials.

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The greens are so nice

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Very strong preorders.

Eyeing Elusion jacket and Wonder trousers.
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Lots of strong pieces.

Kyle, that integrity shirt jacket is a real winner on you. That collar up shot is my favorite look of the lot
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Any measurements for the Elusion jackets. Not familiar with SS sizing.
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Integrity shirt jacket is just perfect. It's exactly what I want to wear 3 days a week when it gets warm.
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Love my hammer trousers, so I'm almost definitely going to pick up the wonder in green. Same size, I assume? Schneider pants are quickly becoming my favorite casual pants

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Does the Integrity jacket have lower exterior pockets?
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Kyle,the Integrity jacket looks really good on you. May I ask what size you were wearing in that picture?
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