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Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser View Post

Nope. On the Boltbus back to DC now. You going to miss Broncos-Chiefs?


I hope so. Watching would be too stressful. Ill check my phone periodically on the train ride back.
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I'm torn between the Scott & Charters shawl sweater and a similar item by Cruciani.
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Had a great time at the trunk show, was a pleasure meeting Greg and Edouard again. Kopped a MTO Moss stitch sweater and a pair of Vass mto.

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Originally Posted by EvanM View Post

Are there any future plans to add Inis Meain items in their 70/30 or 100% cashmere makes?
I'm curious as to how those fabrics compare to the 90/10 makes because the 90/10 already feels amazing as it is.

GDL can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the linen stitch sweater is based on a 70/30 mix, and it feels very nice - smoother and slightly less rustic than the 90/10.
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Saw this scarf in the interview thread, but I guess posting my question here would be more efficient. I really dig this scarf GDL's wearing, but I can't seem to find it in the online store. Can someone ID it for me? Thanks.
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that's one of his personal scarves it's not on the webshop wherever did you get the idea that it was?

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I do believe it is by Stephen Shneider (sp?).
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Hi Greg - what are the measurements for size S and M of the Scott & Charters cashmere cardigan? Thanks
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I apologize for the terrible photo quality. This was taken in a VERY crammed space, with bad lighting, on an iPod touch. Quite frankly, I'm not good at taking photos either. No fit pics for now, but maybe later.

These are size 41, the smallest size available. The look slightly taller in person than they do from the photos on the website. As people have recommended for Buttero shoes, yes, definitely go down a size. If I could go down another size, I would, for the perfect fit, but these are fine too. I tried to get a picture of the blake stichings inside of the boots, but it was too dark.

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Greg, can you remind me what IM sweaters are being restocked in a few weeks? I remember you mentioning the shawl collar.
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Went to the event today, really liked the fit on Casentino wool double breasted coat, LBM1911, just not the wash, any chance for a non wash or less washed version next season?
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Birdseye formossa in hand. smile.gif

Greg and Edouard, awesome to see you guys today.

My apologies, but I think I must go on a kopping break for at least a few weeks. Dont hate me.
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You got the Formosa man? Congrats! I hope you are more than happy with it!
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I did, and thanks!!

I love it of course. smile.gif
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Nice stuff at the trunkshow, Greg. I was very tempted by the navy Mackintosh.
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