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No Man Walks Alone - Official Affiliate Thread

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Please allow me to re-introduce myself. I’ve been on this forum for the better part of the last decade, and what a grand time it has been: I’ve learned many things (some of which I wish I could unlearn!); I’ve been challenged, inspired, and surprised; I’ve laughed, I’ve cried (no, not really... well, maybe once). I’ve also made some great friends, some of whom will be embarking on this new journey with me: Kevin (Parker) will be helping us with design; Elliot (bows1) with our media; and Derek (dieworkwear) with our blog. There will also be a host of talented writers who you will surely recognize from StyleForum.

No Man Walks Alone borrows its name from a Humphrey Bogart line and is a site with a point of view. It’s an online space that will showcase makers and products that we would like to share with you. We want to offer a selection of great looking products - ones that are honest in their design and their make, from casual to formal - all in one place. In the last nine months, we’ve scoured the world over to define our assortment. We’ve made multiple trips to Italy, France, Japan, and the UK; visited workshops, design studios, and trade shows; and met loads of talented and passionate people.

Our site and store will open in September and we will offer a selected assortment of clothing, footwear, and accessories. We don’t want to be an online department store with hundreds of brands, nor do we want to offer only luxury bespoke products to a happy few. We know every item in the store, and each was selected for a reason. In fact, many were specially commissioned by us – we picked the styles, materials, and details, and let each maker perform their magic. From the unique series of suits made for us by a Neapolitan bespoke tailor, to a carefully selected line of footwear from our favorite Hungarian shoemaker, our offering reflects our taste and point of view.

As a longtime SFer, it is logical to me to extend a special invitation to this community first. If you head over to www.nomanwalksalone.com, you can sign up to become part of our Founders Circle, which will carry benefits reserved only for those who register before our September launch. There’s also a nice surprise when you sign up ...

We want our visitors to feel at-home on our site and we will constantly be looking for ways to improve. So, please feel free to PM me anytime or email me directly at greg@nomanwalksalone.com with any questions and suggestions.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be giving you a taste of the makers and products we’re carrying by posting photos here or on our Tumblr and Facebook pages. So, follow us there too and spread the word to your like-minded friends.

Greg Lellouche (gdl203)
CEO, Chairman, Sr Manager, Grand Puba, Main Man

PS: Yes, there will be a StyleForum discount code nod[1].gif

tl;dr : We're opening up a new online store for men soon. It will be nice. Sign up now!

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Looks interesting. The umbrellas on the landing page are very beautiful.
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There really is quite the growing band of SF posters who've developed businesses out of their interest in clothes. It's a very interesting phenomenon to observe & enjoy.


Good luck with this project Greg! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif


(sadly, I personally tend to find international shipping costs & customs fees too annoying to deal with in terms of buying stuff from outside the EU. But you have my moral support!)

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Already signed up. Best of luck, Greg. I look forward to seeing more very soon.
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Good luck G., I'm sure the taste level will be high.
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Wish u guys all the best! Subscribed
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All the best. Subscribed.
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Subscribed, good luck!
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Best of luck Greg
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Sounds like this will be a great resource. Good luck!
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Greg - you've contributed a lot to SF. Good luck with the new venture.

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Subscribed and signed up. Best of luck with the new venture and solid Sabrina reference. I've always enjoyed your posts.
Originally Posted by Holdfast View Post

There really is quite the growing band of SF posters who've developed businesses out of their interest in clothes. It's a very interesting phenomenon to observe & enjoy.

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I'm totally winning that shopping spree. I'll promise to wear a flannel jacket with Nike Frees and freak everyone out.
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@LA Guy : good luck! And while we will certainly carry grey flannel, you may be surprised by our casual offering...

@Wallcloud : the umbrellas look (and feel) even better in person

@ everyone : thanks for the wishes. Exciting times !
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Enthusiast hand selected/designed wears, for enthusiasts. Sounds fantastic. Signed up! Can't wait to see your products...
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