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Image Consultants


So, what’s deal with image consultants? (Cue Seinfeld reference). What do you think? Are they a worthy investment for someone who knows little about fashion, or are they charlatans who know as little as must of the wider, non-SF public?


Shoe School


One of the best ways to find great deals on shoes is to know how to identify a pair of shoes from heel construction, sole stitching and nails. If you know that the slightly worn but poorly listed pair of shoes on eBay is actually from John Lobb, oh boy are you in for a good time. This thread is the steps to actually tracking down this deals – starting with basic, picture based examples of what common shoes look like from the laces down. 


Stephan Schneider


From custom knit (and exclusive) fabrics, to basic simply designs rendered in an interesting way, Belgian designer Stephan Schneider makes undeniably cool clothing. Learn more inside. 


B&S Finds


Rick Owens Geosbakets, 43.5 



Edward Green Galway in Antique Calf Leather, 10 UK