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I was shopping at the good ol' neighborhood Wal-Mart tonight and saw the new Gillette M3 Power (it sounds so mean...) razor for the first time in person and was wondering if anybody has tried it (it's like $13 and I don't see the big deal, so I won't be buying one anytime soon).  I read a couple reviews online and it seems the verdict is mixed about how good it is.  It seems like a marketing ploy to me, but I'm not sure. Kevin P.S.  Hmmm... I wonder what the next razor will be... THE BRAND NEW GILLETTE 10 BLADE VIBRATING, GEL SPITTING, NEIGHBORHOOD WAKING PLAYBOY MODEL GETTING SHAVE OF A LIFETIME... IT TAKES OFF EVERY HAIR ON YOUR FACE AND EVEN SCARES FUTURE HAIR FOLLICLES INTO NOT GROWING AS FAST...   ... (man alive I need to get to bed).