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This all started with a jacket, a vintage Schott to be exact. I have used the jacket to ride my motorbike, the trouble is its very sunny and dry where I live and my jacket has not faired very well in the weather. It has become very dry with slight discoloration. I contacted Schott and they say that they do not recommend a particular brand, but they did say that 100% pure mink oil would be good to use.


So I have been reading about the different kinds of oils and many people seem to find the smell of mink oil to be distasteful. I’m not ruling out using mink oil, but I was wondering about the other oils.


Has anyone used or heard about these oils? From what I’v read both sea buckthorn and macadamia oil have more palmitoleic acid which is supposed to be what conditions the leather. Buckthorn and macadamia also have less of a “musky” odor. That sounds pretty good to me, but dose this stuff really work the same as mink?







Sea Buckthorn