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I spoke with Sarah from Isaia PR/marketing prior to Pitti and she said that they are rolling out hardcore this spring with Eidos...stay tuned shes great and if she s in charge it will get done trust me
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Does anyone know how does fit compare to Isaia? I wear Isaia size 40 Base S. Should I buy Eidos size 40 as well?

I don't live in NYC,and would like to buy online but not sure how Eidos fit when compared to Isaia Base S suits/sport jackets.

Any help is welcome.


King of Sunrise

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una domanda: how does the Eidos fit compare to Isaia Base S fit? Is Eidos slimmer than Isaia's Base S?

Grazie mille,

King of Sunrise

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KingofSunrise...my experience is that the fit of Eidos suit/sport coat is in between the Isaia Base S and Gregory fit. The pants seem to be closer to the Gregory fit which fits me personally quite a bit trimmer than the Base S trousers. The quality and fit is great in my opinion.
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Is there any sort of updated list of where I can find this stuff? Looking in Chicago.
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A fully updated list would be great. The S/S stuff looks great!
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Is there any knowlege of which stores will carry eidos as it moves forward? Im in edmonton and dying to see it!
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Originally Posted by bearsfan172 View Post

Is there any sort of updated list of where I can find this stuff? Looking in Chicago.

Will be at Haberdash in the coming months!
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I think the fit is great - I bought 2 jackets from Lawrence Covell in Denver (www.lawrencecovell.com) one of the first few stores to carry it  - one was an unconstructed tweed jacket which does run a little shorter/trimmer and is unlined - very cool I think (I wear with jeans and work boots, knit tie, etc.)  - and then I got this killer smoking jacket (dark tartan plaid with shawl lapel). This was a little more of a classic fit but not stodgy. I've worn both a lot. Eidos is going to be a great line. I was talking to Joe Covell (one of the owners and buyer of the men's) and he was really excited about this spring (the official launch of Eidos) as they're rolling out a full collection. Prices are great and it has more style than Isaia - definitely more for a guy with a younger mindset.  

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Just spotted a mention of Eidos Napoli on the GQ website:

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Lawrence Covell, as mentioned previously, has their Eidos Napoli Spring pieces in. Jackets, shirts and some of the polos mentioned...some online, others in store. http://www.lawrencecovell.com/home.php?cat=420

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Anyone have the breakdown of the different lines/models for the suits and jackets? or are they all cut the same way?

Interested in the recent pics I saw based on the Liverano cut.
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