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Originally Posted by NickPollica View Post

PSA to all lupo wearers out there. That placket button is there for decoration - no need to button it! The placket is deliberately cut to overlap in a way that stops it from opening and exposing too much chest. Buttoning that button changes the line and shape of the collar.

I definitely wear it unbottoned for maximum sexiness.
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Lupo in Burano

Buttoning it would be like buttoning the bottom button on a sportcoat!
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Just a few more hours before we close those up. Last call.
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Gents, you might be interested in this thread


I mention this here because my contribution involves three Eidos (Tipo) jackets of my five jackets. I suppose that indicates what I think of the brand.


Also, Antonio is a busy guy, but I don't think feathers would be too ruffled if he was one of the kick-off contributors, having been an occasional, but stellar poster at WAYWRN (@NickPollica please consider that a personal invitation). His influence on me should be obvious. I'm sure he's got plenty in the archive here to draw from, and if some happen to be Eidos, past and present....well, that would be a good thing.

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It seems like everybody generally agreed that the raglan sleeve topcoats were sized large, and that consensus was to size down one size—even if you intend to layer over a sportcoat, correct?

So, like for me, I'd get a 50 and could comfortably layer over my NMWA and other Eidos jackets, right? haha, just wanting to confirm before I buy one…
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like so
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That's my experience.
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

I need a Lupo Polo or a few..

Thanks @YseanY, I am 5'9 and about 155lbs. I think a medium would fit me better as I was considering a large at first. I would probably just wash cold and hang dry. Steam press is optional.

I'm the same height and weight, and I went with a medium (marked 38 at Gentry NYC). 39.5" chest. The polo is slim but not too tight. 

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Originally Posted by mossrockss View Post

like so

I got this raglan sleeve raincoat from Saks online. I typically wear size 48 in Eidos, but they only had a 50 left at the time at an irresistible price, so I took a chance on it. I figured with the raglan sleeve and internal waist drawstring it should at least fit OK. It turned out to be fine, especially with a thick sweater/cardigan underneath, which I normally wear in the winter anyway. Size 48 might have looked slightly better on me, but I've been very happy with the size 50 I got.
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Oversized raglan coat is a cool look anyway

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Thank you for posting info regarding coachman gents. Some recent pickup, & once again thank you.
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Originally Posted by TtownMD View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Thank you for posting info regarding coachman gents. Some recent pickup, & once again thank you.

Approved for public usage wink.gif
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Thanks for supporting them.
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Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post

Oversized raglan coat is a cool look anyway


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Yes, agreed.


Question: how oversized? Should it be very drapy in the back and roomy in the front?



Cinching at the waist might be nice but then it will be quite a bit of draping on top . Antonio's looks slimmer on him than the models on these models.


Since this post isn't totally on point, I've moved the discussion here:

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Its a different coat than the one in those vintage photos. I would strongly recommend getting your normal size for the chiaia (the cinched raglan bal coat).
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